The creator of CRISPR-twin was in the list of influential people according to Time. But it is unlikely to be happy about this.

He Jiangkui - the one that is nowin custody in China for creating genetically modified twins - wanted to be famous. But definitely not in this sense. Time editors included the creator of the first CRISPR kids in their list of “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2019. But one of the inventors of CRISPR, Jennifer Dudne, was charged with revealing Jiankuya’s profile. You can say she is not a fan of a scientist.

He Jiankui is on the Time list

In November, it became known that the scientist createdtwins whose genomes were modified using the CRISPR gene editing tool. He thought that he would become a hero of science and even receive the Nobel Prize. “It’s a pity that he got exactly what he wanted,” says geneticist Leonid Kruglyak about including Xe in the Time list, which also included singer Ariana Grande and actor Rami Malek.

It is difficult to deny that He was famous - hisThe experiment hit the main pages of newspapers and news sites for weeks. But Time turned to Dudna, a biochemist at the University of California at Berkeley, who not only created the CRISPR tool in 2015, but also launched a campaign to prevent its possible misuse in creating designer children.

However, in her review Dudna behavesrestrained. She writes that Xe "recklessly experiments with girls," arguing that "editing human embryos is relatively easy, but it is incredibly difficult to edit well," and that Xe's decision is "likely to be remembered as one of the most shocking cases of the misuse of scientific tools."

A question that many people care about is whether Xe scientists encourage or help CRISPR. No one is recognized.

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