The craftsman redid the printer into a laptop (3 photos)

Mason Stuckbury gave a second life to the old instruments. He disassembled the Kodak ESP 3.2 printer and the Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop to assemble them one device.

Now the scanner cover has become a screen, and the traypaper feed is equipped with a keyboard. Mason Stuxbury called his development Comprinter. It took the inventor a little more than 12 hours to create a device. Mason mounted a 14-inch display in the printer cover, and a set of speakers - inside the printer. The developer replaced the standard keyboard with a Bluetooth keyboard. As a bonus, the motherboard and a 2.5-inch hard disk are visible through the scanner glass.

Mason Stuckbury noted that for assemblyComprinter he used a broken printer. Theoretically, you can take a working model, then the modified device will have additional useful functionality.