The compact Glamos sensor turns any screen into a touchscreen (video)

The invention of former Samsung employees,who created the Glamos startup, allows you to expand the ability to control screens on various devices, using lidar sensors, to convert monitors into pseudo-touch displays. LiDAR sensors, responding to changes in the environment, generate signals that are recognized as control gestures and transmit the command to a display device connected to Glamos (smartphone, laptop, smart TV or computer).

Using the capabilities of Glamos will solvetwo main tasks. Firstly, to reduce the cost of creating an expensive touch surface on screens of various sizes, up to giant demonstration monitors and increase the reliability of displays, again returning to the traditional glass coating. Improving the reliability of screens while protecting them from mechanical damage will extend their service life.

The second problem to be solved when usingGlamos lidar technology is the elimination of conditions for excessive screen contamination. Contactless control of the monitor using gestures will provide the ability to use monitors in various extreme conditions, when the user's hands are dirty. Thus, the monitor can be controlled by a worker in the workshop, a foreman at a construction site and a cook in the kitchen, without interruption from the work process.

Glamos miniature sensor (cube with sides notmore than 37 mm) scans space with LiDAR sensors with a viewing angle of 180 degrees and creates a virtual touch screen anywhere. Glamos uses a rotating mirror module to scan the surrounding space and measures the distance between objects and the device. Then it converts the received data into touch coordinates and sends them to the screen of the working display. The frequency of Glamos is 40 Hz, which makes delays invisible to the human eye. By the principle of operation, the Glamos device can be compared with a virtual three-dimensional computer mouse.

Glamos project exposed on crowdfundingIndiegogo site, where it has already raised more than 450 thousand dollars. Deliveries at a pre-order price of $ 129 per Glamos device will begin in August 2020.

Source: indiegogo