The chipset for the “middle class” Kirin 820 5G made last year’s flagships in the benchmark

Honor smartphone to be announced on March 3030S is a device that is undeniably interesting in many ways. But the most curious of the currently known characteristics of the upcoming news is its chipset. The model should be the first based on the Kirin 820 5G.

The Kirin 820 5G chipset promises to be a very interesting solution. Not being top-end, the chipset combines a 7-nanometer process technology and an integrated 5G modem. This is the first of the chipsets.
HiSilicon using a GPUMali-G77 - in this respect he will surpass even the newest top-end Kirin 990, G76 is used there. According to ARM, this promises a speed increase of up to 120% - 140% and an improvement in energy efficiency by 30%. He was also tested at Geekbench.

The results were very convincing. The Kirin 820 was not inferior to the top Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 855 in the multi-core test, and single-core ahead of both last year's tops.

And it will be a solution for smartphones "middle class" ...


Tatyana Kobelskaya