The Chinese presented the world's first Internet air conditioner

The Chinese company Hisense specializing inthe production of all kinds of home appliances and electronics, together with the Chinese microblogging service Weibo (a local equivalent of Twitter) announced the release of the world's first air conditioner with Internet connection. The device is intended for domestic use.

A little strange it may seem thatthe manufacturer announces its new air conditioner together with the social network. However, there is nothing strange in this, since the product is specifically designed to interact with your Weibo account. According to Hisense, the Internet plug-in air conditioner allows you not only to exchange private messages with friends on a social network, but also to control energy consumption, temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room. All these parameters can be adjusted through an account in Weibo, using private messages. A mandatory requirement for the use of "smart" air conditioner is to add it to your list of virtual friends.

Hisense explains that the decision to releaseInternet plug conditioner pushed her to the success of "smart" TVs and refrigerators. This product is part of the company's initiative to create a home-based “Internet of Things”.

Information on the cost and availability in the sale of "smart" air conditioner yet.

Earlier this year, Hisense took part in a consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, where she showed her revolutionary 3D TVs.