The Chinese introduced an electric car with record-breaking fast charging

The other day, the Chinese company XPeng introduced its own autopilot system, and today announced a new G9 SUV electric car with the world's fastest charging.

According to XPeng, the novelty will have the mostfast charging on the market. So, from 10 to 80% the car will be charged in just 15 minutes. At the same time, for a 200 km journey, the charge will be replenished in just 5 minutes.

This was achieved with a 480 kW charger. For comparison, in the US, the maximum allowable power is only 350 kW, which, among other things, slows down local manufacturers.

Recall that on the eve it became known about another accident, in which the Tesla Model 3 autopilot became a participant. Although the system recognized an obstacle on the road, it did not slow down.