The Chinese have created the most compact and powerful pistol based on the principle of the Gauss cannon (3 photos)

Chinese scientists have made further advances indeveloping futuristic weapons of the future. Neural networks were used to create the most powerful and compact Gauss cannon in its class. The so-called Gauss pistol was created by scientists from the Naval Engineering University in Wuhan under the guidance of Professor Zhang Xiao.

The principle of operation of the Gauss cannon is based on accelerationthe projectile by means of induction coils arranged in series, which receives a pulse of electric current. A bullet that does not require a sleeve flies out of the barrel at maximum speed, and the recoil of such a weapon is practically zero. Shooting can be carried out even in the airless space of space.

GR-1 Anvil
It is known that the energy efficiency of the gunGauss is extremely small. So, the American GR-1 Anvil Gauss rifle is capable of generating kinetic energy of only 85 joules, at the level of an air pistol. The GR-1 Anvil is the world's first portable electromagnetic weapon with a 66 cm barrel.

The Chinese Gauss pistol is much more compactAmerican prototype and has a barrel length of only 12 cm. The electric field is generated by three coils with self-contained battery power. The energy generated during the "shot" is 150 joules, which is comparable to the kinetic energy of a bullet fired from a small-bore rifle. The scientists were able to optimize the dimensions of the Chinese Gauss pistol using artificial intelligence.

Nowadays the Chinese are using AI technologiesplan to create large railgun guns for the navy. Such guns will be able to throw a projectile at a distance of up to 200 km at a speed of about 6000 km / h or almost Mach 5, which is comparable to the speed of hypersonic missiles.

Source: scmp