The Chinese have created a battery with a life of 16 years

Chinese company Contemporary AmperexTechnology, the official supplier of batteries for electric vehicles Tesla and Volkswagen, has developed a battery capable of maintaining operability over more than two million kilometers.

Currently, the company is ready to start serialthe production of batteries capable of working for 16 years and to ensure that an electric vehicle passes over 2 million km of track. Currently existing batteries for electric cars have a guarantee of 150 thousand km or 8 years.

According to the head of the company at presentthe cost of new batteries is only 10% higher than existing elements, which will not lead to a significant increase in the cost of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, lower operating costs may increase the popularity of electric cars and return the momentum for the development of the industry, lost as a result of the recent drop in oil prices, which increased the competitiveness of ICE cars.

Source: bloomberg