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The cheapest smartphone with a cool design, a 90 Hz screen and a big battery - what is it

Long time to buy cheap android smartphones considered to be completely hopeless.Because it was absolutely impossible to count on any normal operation of such devices. They either lagged mercilessly, or had a mediocre screen, or took pictures that were roughly comparable in quality to calculators. In general, there were enough problems. I'm not talking about their appearance, which left much to be desired. But POCO managed to make really cool smartphones on Android up to 15 thousand rubles.

POCO M5 and M5s are great smartphones for the money

POCO M5 is Google Pixel at the minimum. In a good way.

New POCO M5 - this is perhaps the best representative of the initialsegment of smartphones running Android. At a price of just 10 thousand rubles, it offers a really cool combination of looks and features. Just look at how it looks: on the back is a spitting image of Google Pixel.


  • 1 Which smartphone for 10,000 rubles to buy
    • 1.1 POCO M5 performance
    • 1.2 Should I buy POCO M5
  • 2 POCO M5s - differences from POCO M5
    • 2.1 Features of POCO M5s
    • 2.2 Inexpensive smartphone with fast charging

What smartphone to buy for 10,000 rubles

This is a beautiful smartphone. Truth

A characteristic black stripe with inscribed in itcamera, passing through the light dastarkhan of the back cover made of material under the skin makes you perceive this device in a completely different way. Looking at it, it's hard to imagine that it can cost less than 30 thousand rubles, not to mention ten.


Like it or not, the most important part of any smartphone is still the processor. POCO M5 is based on MediaTek Helio G99operating at frequencies up to 2.2 GHz.And, again, some kind of noun, you say. 6 nm - I will answer you. The modern technical process allows this chipset to give out almost 380 thousand points in AnTuTu, almost without heating up.

Even Snapdragon 732G, which is considered the standard of the average budgetsegment, gaining only about 360 thousand points in the synthetic test. The gap is not critical, but you need to understand that POCO M5 is an entry-level smartphone that costs only 10 thousand rubles. And SD732 is usually installed in devices with a price of 15k and above.

POCO M5 Performance

A powerful processor affects not only performance, but also the quality of shooting

In addition to the processor, a number of other significant factors also affect performance:

  • First, it is an operative type LPDDR4X. A couple of years ago, RAM of this kind was installed only in flagship smartphones, and manufacturers of cheap devices preferred to use slower standards.
  • Secondly, POCO M5 can offer highthe level of software optimization, thanks to which the smartphone itself competently allocates resources depending on the tasks performed, directing power to where it is really needed.
  • Thirdly, POCO M5 has a built-in Game Turbo 5.0 mode, the activation of which cuts off all side processes and allows the processor to focus on providing smartphone performance in games.

Should I buy POCO M5

POCO M5s has a 90Hz display

Display POCO M5 also not anyhow.This is a 6.58-inch IPS-matrix with an honest Full HD resolution. Yes, still not AMOLED, but what do you want for this money? Yes, and the screen will not suffer from flicker, as on organic. Therefore, for some, this is even a plus. Moreover, with smoothness and sensitivity, everything is also OK: the sampling rate is 240 Hz, and POCO M5 display refresh rate - 90 Hz.

Unlike many other smartphones, which have an increased update frequency immutable, POCO M5 adaptively adjusts it depending on the task - just like the new iPhones. This allows a) not to waste the available potential in vain and b) to spend less energy.

POCO M5 comes with NFC out of the box, which means it will support contactless payments via Mir Pay in Russia.

POCO M5 battery I would call it standard.These are classic for this segment 5000 mAh. They should last at least a couple of days of use without recharging. And the most economical ones will probably be able to squeeze even more out of the smartphone.


Main POCO M5 camera also very impressive.The main module has a resolution of 50 megapixels, and macro and telephoto - 2 megapixels each. This setup allows you to take pictures of really good quality in conditions of sufficient lighting, and thanks to the support of night mode, even in darkness.

POCO M5s - differences from POCO M5

This POCO M5s is an improved version of the regular M5

Together with POCO M5, its improved modification was also presented at the presentation POCO M5s, which costs only 1500 rubles more. Despite belonging to the same line, smartphones differ from each other, if not very much, then at least noticeably.

Externally, the POCO M5s stands out from the M5.The older model has a glossy back and an enlarged main camera lens, which is inscribed in a large black square. As for me, because of this, the M5s looks less attractive and more standard, or something. He doesn't rush. But some people will like it the other way around.

Features of POCO M5s

Camera on POCO M5s is slightly better than on POCO M5

On the technical side, castings are also enough:

First, this camera. If POCO M5 has a 50MP mainmodule, the M5s is already equipped with a 64 megapixel camera. Plus, the older model, according to the manufacturer, has more advanced image processing systems. Thanks to them, the quality of the final images is higher.

Buy POCO M5s

Secondly, display. POCO M5s is equipped with an AMOLED matrix vs. IPSat POCO M5. Despite the fact that this is organic, POCO developers have implemented a PWM control function in the firmware of the older model, thanks to which it was possible to reduce flicker to a minimum. So your eyes won't hurt when using the screen at low brightness.

POCO M5s also has NFC. So there will be no problems with contactless payments either.

Thirdly, the processor. The POCO M5s is not as powerful as the POCO M5. This is MTK Helio G95. He scores in AnTuTu not 380, but 350 thousand points, which, although not bad, is still less than Helio G99. However, I would not call it a downgrade, becausethat the memory and RAM standards are identical here. Most likely, the G95 is simply better adapted to some individual smartphone chips, like faster charging.

Inexpensive smartphone with fast charging

Fourth, charging speed. It is here significantly higher than that of the POCO M5.The improved model is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, but it charges already at 33 watts. This allows you to replenish it from 0 to 100% in a little more than 1 hour, which is quite nice.

POCO M5s comes with a powerful power supply

Well, and fifthly, these are stereo speakers.POCO M5s is equipped with a pair of speakers that provide stereo sound, which is useful for both games and movies. Of course, it will not be possible to achieve the effect of full presence, but there will definitely not be problems with the volume and quality of the audio track.

Buy POCO M5s

Both smartphones, oddly enough, deserveto buy them. While I would go for the simplest version for myself, the POCO M5, some will probably like the M5s more because of the improved display, camera, and fast charging. But whichever model you choose, know that each of them offers “more smartphone” for less money than anyone else.