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The cheapest of the flagships - Infinix Zero 8 review

One of the most common price categoriessmartphones range from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles, which is not surprising at all. Technologies that previously could only be found among the flagships are increasingly descending into this segment. Now everything is changing and the competition has shifted exactly here. Not so long ago, another device appeared that is more than worthy of attention. 64MP camera, super slow motion and even fast charging. On paper, everything is fine in Infinix Zero 8, only the actual experience of use often differs from the declared indicators. I walked around for several days with this device and noticed a lot that I would change in design and in software, but I still enjoyed the new experience, especially after using smartphones with a completely different philosophy. I have something to tell about this device, what to praise and what to warn you against.

This is one of the most memorable smartphones.


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  • 2 Infinix Zero 8 Kit
  • 3 How the Infinix Zero 8 smartphone works
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  • 5 Infinix Zero Camera 8
  • 6 Should you buy an Infinix smartphone

What Infinix Zero 8 looks like

First of all, the appearance of the smartphone drew attention to myself. Some other models are guessed in the design of the back wall, but with one important difference. Main camera module Infinix Zero 8 is an unfolded square or rhombus. The insert under it is also made to match, which emphasizes the designer's idea. As a result, the back panel looks versatile and voluminous.

The smartphone is charged via USB Type-C. Everything is modern.

The most interesting thing is on the right.There is more than just a power button under the volume buttons. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner that works surprisingly fast. Simply put your finger on it and the smartphone is already unlocked. Wherein it is not necessary to press the button... You only need to do this to lock the screen.

An in-button fingerprint scanner is a great idea.

I like this manufacturer's approach a lot.more, because it is difficult to reach for the scanner on the back wall, and screen scanners do not always work well, and they are installed only on more expensive models. Everything is clear here. And if you don't like finger scanning at all, there is face unlock.

Infinix Zero 8 Kit

  • Smartphone
  • Power adapter
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Wired headphones
  • Case
  • Film on the screen
  • Set of branded stickers

All the essentials have already been put in the box, but if you need to buy something, there should be no problems with it. Everything can always be found on Aliexpress.

How the Infinix Zero 8 smartphone works

The manufacturer proudly declares that Infinix Zero 8 runs on Helio G90T processor. It may not be the most advanced, but at this price point, the offer is very generous.

For some, this smartphone can be a real gift.

The smartphone has a lot of RAM too - 8GB. But what is most surprising is that the built-in memory is immediately given 128 GB. To be honest, I was only counting on 64 GB. If this volume is not enough, then it is possible to install memory cards up to 2 TB.

All the games I have played on this smartphone including Call of duty mobile, performed pretty well even highgraphics settings. The frame rate was quite enough for a normal game, if not very much to find fault with the details. If you play puzzles, match 3 or clickers, then you won't have any problems with games at all.

The design even includes a heat dissipation system. It does not help to prevent the smartphone from heating up at all, but in the end, the temperature rises very evenly for all parts of the case.

The case heats up, but without obvious separate points. Everything is more or less even.

The Zero 8 is equipped with a 4500mAh battery and 33W super fast charging support, which allows you to dial 70% battery in just 30 minutes... It can be better, but this is also an excellent indicator. Talk time is 36 hours and 26 days in standby mode

Infinix Zero 8 Screen

The smartphone screen has an aspect ratio unusual in its segment - 22: 9. The resolution is 2460 by 1080 pixels, and the diagonal is an impressive 6.85 inches.

Naturally, there is no need to talk about a refresh rate of 120 Hz, since it is not always found even in the most expensive models. In Infinix Zero 8 the screen is refreshed 90 times per secondand the sensor 180 times. Considering that not everyone has abandoned 60 Hz, this figure looks impressive.

My only complaint about the screen waswhich is quite difficult to adjust its brightness. If you turn on the automatic mode of changing the brightness, then very often it becomes too dim. If you adjust it yourself, then when you move the slider to half, almost nothing changes, but then the brightness changes very sharply.

Indoors, the display is always enough for half the brightness, but on the street it did not work out. The weather is not the same.

I could not check the screen brightness in the sun - the latitudes are not the same - but it seems to me that at the maximum value it will cope with this task.

Infinix Zero 8 Camera

The main camera of the Infinix Zero 8 can dopictures with a resolution of 64 megapixels (9216 × 6912) and is equipped with a Sony IMX686 sensor. In one module with her sheltered a super-wide-angle camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels, a sensor for creating bokeh and a night camera.

There are four cameras in the back.

About the night camera, say anythingdifficult, since the manufacturer is in no hurry to share its characteristics, but in the dark, this smartphone definitely shoots better than many others. There may be some questions about the noise on the main module, but at night the smartphone generally copes.

Examples of photos:

Examples of magnification:




In addition, the camera can shoot 4K video with a frequency of 30 frames per second and evensuper slow motion video at 960 frames per second. Even many industry leaders are still not capable of this. Of course, the quality will be slightly worse than that of expensive models, but even there you will not use this function every day, and for the sake of interest, just looking at a moment, it can be very interesting.

Selfie examples:

The front camera is surprising too, asoffers a resolution of 48 megapixels. The ultra-wide-angle module received 8 megapixels. The camera is located in the hole of the screen and takes up quite a bit of space. Even outwardly, this adds some premium to her.

Front two cameras

You can talk about how cameras shootlong and difficult, but easier to show it with examples. You can download the originals of the photos presented in the article from this link and consider everything yourself. I will only add that I noticed a slight bias of the camera towards cold shades.

Download original photos from Infinix Zero 8 camera

Should you buy an Infinix smartphone

“On paper” the smartphone turned out to be very interesting.In all respects, it surpasses the lion's share of competitors. I would even compare it to the Poco X3, which made a lot of noise with its appearance. I did not conduct a direct comparative test, but it seems to me that these are very worthy competitors. So far, I can only say that the Infinix Zero 8 is cheaper. Now you can buy it on Aliexpress for $ 209 (a little over 15,000 rubles).

You will remember the $ 195 Redmi Note 9s, butalmost all of its characteristics are far behind Infinix Zero 8. Perhaps you will suggest other comparison options in the comments, but it will be objectively difficult to find them.

I just didn't like the fact that the manufacturerrefused NFC in this smartphone. Many will find this nit-picking, but when you get so much and you have a device that falls outside its segment, the lack of NFC is especially acute.

Otherwise, this is an excellent smartphone that is goodand looks original, works well and is still inexpensive. It is difficult to say what will happen to the price next, especially since it is set in dollars, and the rate is unstable, but the first few days did not bring any unpleasant emotions except those described above.

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