The Central Bank robot finds financial pyramids in the network (4 photos)

The Central Bank of Russia has taken to the service of search artificial intelligence, aimed at the detection of financial pyramids in the vast Runet.

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With the help of a robot, the Bank of Russia intends to identifyInternet projects with signs of fraudulent schemes. He began his work in the second half of last year. The mechanism of action is simple - the robot pretends to be a person who is looking for where to invest money. Then he checks all the proposed investment schemes and firms.

If necessary, the robot can calculate "from wheregrow legs "in Internet advertising questionable firms and to whom funds are sent gullible citizens. After detecting signs of fraud, the robot transmits information to the Central Bank, where it is carefully checked by human specialists.

In addition to financial pyramids, the robot hunts scammers in related industries: brokers, insurance companies and forex dealers.