The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will intensify the fight against telephone fraudsters (3 photos)

The increase in crimes involving the abduction of personaldata and funds of customers of banks using the phone, forced the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to take emergency measures. The bank issued a letter “On counteracting credit fraud”, in which it indicated measures aimed at preventing theft of customers' money using the substitution of the telephone number of a financial institution.

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All financial institutions are recommended inIn the near future (until May 30), divide phone numbers into those used exclusively for incoming and exclusively for outgoing calls when dealing with customers. It is also recommended to add additional identification measures (secret code) to the automatic banking system.

The Central Bank reports that at presentmeasures are being developed to establish an effective system for combating telephone fraud. The Ministry of Telecommunications, Roskomnadzor, telecom operators, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and major Russian banks are taking part in the development of the system. Creating a system of separate numbers to perform outgoing and incoming calls from the bank will allow telecom operators to block the attempts of intruders to obtain information from customers when calling from the phone included in the incoming list.

Experts and banks believe that these measures are notwill be able to completely solve the problem. Telecommunications operators believe that a more comprehensive and complex technical solution should be used to effectively protect customers. At the same time, the Central Bank also realizes that a single transfer of phone lists to telecom operators cannot solve the problem. Therefore, the regulator appealed to the banks with a request to submit their proposals for combating criminals who use number substitution to steal customer funds.