The “budget” iPhone SE (2020) was stronger than the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max (video)

Experts and enthusiasts continue to experienceApple's latest smartphone model iPhone SE (2020), which was launched less than a month ago. One of the latest tests was a comparison of the strength characteristics of the iPhone SE and its "big brother", the flagship smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max, when dropped on a hard surface.

It should be noted that earlier in the ranking table forThe leader in terms of strength was the iPhone 8 model, in which the novelty borrowed not only many internal components, but also the external design of the case. Testing was carried out by experts of the PhoneBuff channel.

At the first stage, both smartphones dropped to the backsurface. As a result of testing, the iPhone SE (2020) received almost no visible damage, while the back surface of the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max was completely covered with a grid of cracks.

In the second stage of the test, both smartphones were dropped at an angle. In this test, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, protected by a steel frame, took precedence, while the iPhone SE has an aluminum frame.

The third test was the fall of smartphoneson the front surface. In this case, the flagship also gave way to a more compact model, having received a screen completely covered with cracks. In the iPhone SE (2020) model, one large transverse crack formed, which did not affect the operability of the device.

The last test was a series of tenfalls onto the screen from a height of human growth. At the end of this stage, the main camera stopped working on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the back panel lost its integrity and began to crumble. However, the display of the smartphone continued to work. It is noteworthy that after a dozen falls the “budget” iPhone SE (2020) also received numerous screen damage, but both the front and main cameras continued to work. Also, the back cover of the smartphone after all the tests remained almost unscathed.

In fairness, it can be noted that the iPhone 11The Pro Max has a large diagonal of 6.5 inches compared to the compact iPhone SE with a 4.7-inch screen. Also, the mass of the flagship is 226 grams, while the budget iPhone has a mass of 148 grams. These indicators give the initial advantage of the younger model.

According to the test results, PhoneBuff experts put iPhone SE (2020) in the amount of 38 points, and the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max “earned” only 34 points.