The brightest light in the world was generated (2 photos + video)

An international team of scientists from Estonia andFinland, when conducting a study of ionic liquids using the MAX IV synchrotron located in Lund (Sweden), received a unique side effect - the light of the highest brightness known to physicists so far. The essence of the experiment was to obtain a unique radiation, which is extremely precisely focused x-rays.

Ring accelerator synchrotron MAX IV waslaunched in 2016. The experiments conducted on the accelerator allow us to study the internal physicochemical structure of matter on elements of a few nanometers in size. The device is also used to study the electronic structure and properties of various substances. In a stainless steel tube with a diameter of one centimeter in ultrahigh vacuum, electron beams are accelerated on a storage ring 528 meters long to a speed of 99.9999999985% of the speed of light. In this case, electrons controlled by a powerful magnetic field rotate around the ring, and scientists study the emitted light.

Estonian scientists investigated ionic liquids,representing melts of organic salts, the melting point of which is close to room temperature. In liquid form, such solutions have a high conductivity in excess of the electrical conductivity of all known electrolytes. During the study of the physical properties of these melts in MAX IV, light of maximum brightness was obtained.

To test, scientists vaporized ionliquid, which allowed us to study the composition and properties of the particles included in its composition. By focusing, with the use of powerful magnets MAX IV, the particle flux into a directed beam, a qualitative spectral resolution was obtained, which made it possible to obtain data necessary for science. The generation of particularly bright light made it possible for scientists to jokingly say that these studies have a "bright future."

Source: scitechdaily