The brain was connected to the ChatGPT chat bot (2 photos + video)

The author of the Fireship YouTube channel told how he was able to connect the Neurosity Crown neural interface, which reads an electroencephalogram (EEG), to the ChatGPT chat bot.

EEG shows the electrical activity of the brain,which depends on our state and actions. So, when we sleep, our brain emits waves with a frequency of only 2 Hz. When we are awake and we are solving a complex problem, for example, playing chess, the frequency of brain waves increases to 35 Hz.

All these changes can be read by non-invasivethe Neurosity Crown device (in other words, it does not require a hole in the skull). Neurosity software is able to learn to recognize your individual patterns, that is, templates. For example, you can think hard about how you bite off a lemon, and the gadget at this time will read the brain activity and “remember” it for this particular thought.

The program translates brain waves into numericalperformance. And it can already be used in code. The blogger took advantage of this opportunity. He wrote a program that makes certain thoughts (such as the idea of ​​biting a lemon) into commands. By connecting the OpenAI SDK, the author was able to force the program to send a request to the ChatGPT chat bot using this command.

This opens up interesting possibilities. For example, if you are late for a meeting, just one thought can make ChatGPT write an apology letter to colleagues.