The body monitor is the first to recognize the presence of cancer (2 photos)

Blood tests that are available in ourdisposal, not too sensitive. So, they often miss the presence of cancer in the applicant. Therefore, American engineers have created a device designed to continuously work on the human body, collecting various data and diagnosing a dangerous disease in time.

Any malignant tumor every minute excretesmore than a thousand cells are identified in the bloodstream that can be identified by blood tests But not every test will capture a sufficient amount of malignant cells. This leads to skipping cancer at an early stage. This problem must be solved by a diagnostic device created by specialists at the University of Michigan.

The researchers created a prototype wearable gadget,able to continuously collect information about the presence of cancer cells in the blood. The author of the project Sunita Narath explained that if you scan more significant volumes of blood, you can catch a sufficient number of malignant cells, which is quite difficult to achieve as a result of one of the usual blood sampling. Often and at relatively late stages of the disease, blood tests show a lack of sensitivity. The new technique, according to Nadrat, is designed to eliminate this factor.

As shown by animal testing, the devicecaught 3.5 times more cancer cells per milliliter of blood than traditional blood tests. As the co-author of the work, Daniel Hayes, said, this technique embodies the highest accuracy of examinations, which is so important in detecting cancer.

The sensor will detect tumors in the early stages.their formation. He will be able to identify molecules that serve as therapeutic targets for fresh cancer drugs. Testing the device in humans is likely to begin in 3–5 years. In the meantime, the team increases the speed of blood processing. Regarding the cost, durability and autonomy of the gadget is no information.