The blogger disassembled the mini prefix Sega Genesis Mini (video)

Released in September 2019, CompactThe miniature version of once one of the most popular Sega Genesis consoles was explored by enthusiast Zack Nielson from the JerryRigEverythitng YouTube channel. Dismantling the new Sega Genesis Mini allowed Zack to evaluate the set-top box’s internal device, and to examine build quality and repair options for the device.

Given the huge technological gap betweenthe original set-top box and the modern Sega Genesis Mini, the device came out in a compact version, but when opening the case it turned out that the console could be reduced several times more. Most of the external attributes of the console have a decorative look: this is also a slot for game cartridges that performs decorative functions and a lower removable cover under which there is nothing.

As new joystick slotsand the monitor (TV) uses USB and HDMI. It was extremely simple to get inside the case: it was necessary to unscrew only 6 screws. A large board located inside the case has a very small number of components, and on top is protected by a metal plate, which provides the selection of excess heat - no other cooling systems are provided.

Also, after the "autopsy" enthusiast revealed anotherthe decorative component is the volume control, which is not connected to any element of the board. Zack Nielson also dismantled the modern Sega joysticks, which turned out to be as simple as the design of the new console.