The blogger created a MacBook Pro with a mechanical keyboard (video)

One of the few disadvantages of the company's laptopsIn recent years, Apple has been constantly experimenting with changing keyboard types: from the scissor mechanism to the ill-fated butterfly mechanism and the reverse transition to the traditional mechanism. Squashy Boy YouTube author John Lee decided to joke about the throwing of Apple engineers and, using a screwdriver, a soldering iron, a MacBook Pro and a mechanical Bluetooth keyboard, redesigned the computer, resulting in a MechBook from the fictional Apple company. The presentation of the "novelty" was held "jointly" with Tim Cook.

To replace the original Lee keyboard completelyI disassembled the MacBook Pro, pulled out the plate with the keyboard, not forgetting at the same time that a lot of dirt had accumulated inside. Then, with the help of an impeller, he cut off the frame that provides rigidity to the Apple branded keyboard and re-soldered the Bluetooth keyboard from a third-party manufacturer.

Then the blogger made a presentation of his brainchild underthe name MechBook in the style and manner of Apple and Tim Cook. The novelty has shown excellent results when typing, but its use creates minor problems for the user. As a result of the integration of a third-party mechanical keyboard into the MacBook Pro, the laptop stopped closing and became useless as a mobile device.

Nevertheless, the "inventor" John Lee could notonly to independently integrate a new keyboard into the serial model of the laptop, but also to carry out this procedure in an extremely short time, spending only 4 days. The design of the MechBook enthusiast's laptop with the Mechgic Keyboard reminds Apple engineers of the need to be creative when developing new products.