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Want to watch TV shows in bed orbrowse the web? In this rating, we have collected the best tablets of 2019, which you can buy right now. With reviews of many tablet models, TehnObzor has all the power to make decisions you can trust.

Which tablet is best to buy in 2019? We tested a lot of devices in the past year, delving into their capabilities and limitations in order to find the best. Although you get the most out of your Apple iPad, if you already live in the ecosystem of the company, this is not a prerequisite for the purchase.

If the iPad doesn't quite match yoursneeds, there are other options in this collection, as well as several innovative alternatives on Android and Windows. So which tablet is better to choose? Here is our ranking of the best 2019 tablets that you can buy right now.

  • Apple iPad Pro (11-inch): the best tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the best tablet on Android
  • Apple iPad (2019): the best 10-inch tablet
  • Amazon Fire HD 8: the best budget tablet
  • Apple iPad Mini 5: the best 8-inch tablet
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Best Kids Tablet
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6: the best tablet on Windows
  • Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch): the best gaming tablet
  • Apple iPad Pro (11-inch): the best tablet

    • Why it is worth buying: It is a reliable and powerful device.
    • Who is it for: lovers of quality devices with high performance.

    Why did I choose the Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)?

    Enhanced iPad Pro has greatdesign: sophisticated faceplates and flat edges. This model does not have a Home button, the Face ID option is available instead, and the Apple Lightning port is now replaced with USB-C. There are two versions of the iPad Pro on sale - a version with an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch display. For review, I got an 11-inch model.

    The device display has a resolution of 2388 × 1668pixels and built-in Apple ProMotion technology, thanks to which its refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. The built-in eight-core Apple A12X Bionic processor and neural engine provide amazing speed. The equipment not only easily copes with editing photos in Photoshop, but also ensures a smooth game in Civilization VI. As for the amount of memory, it varies from 64 GB to 1 TB.

    Apple iPad Pro mixed useIt will provide about 10 hours of battery life, when with cellular communications - one hour less. The paired Apple Pencil stylus is now recharged using wireless charging, has a magnetic mount, and is bought separately. By the way, the keyboard is also not included and will cost you a pretty penny (about $ 180) for the 11-inch model.

    Of the minuses, except for the prohibitively high cost, only one can be noted - the lack of a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. But, despite this, this tablet is the undisputed leader among all.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the best tablet on Android

    • Why it is worth buying: very similar to the iPad Pro, and has an amazing display.
    • For whom is it intended: those who need the best Android tablet.

    Why choose Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

    Galaxy Tab S6 - Outperforms OthersAndroid-tablet on a number of parameters, but, primarily on the quality of the display. Its 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and supports HDR technology. However, even without it, the panel can boast high sharpness and brightness.

    The device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor855, and 6/8 GB of RAM to choose from, providing speed in work. On sale you can find versions with 128 GB or 256 GB of internal memory, in addition, there is an opportunity to increase it due to MicroSD cards.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has four powerful built-inspeakers providing high-quality and loud sound. On the rear panel there is a dual-lens 5-megapixel and 13-megapixel camera that can shoot 4K video at a speed of 30 frames per second a, on the front panel - an 8-megapixel lens. This is a tablet with a good camera.

    The equipment runs on an operating systemAndroid 9 Pie with One user interface. In addition to the standard set, there are several useless applications that cannot be removed. Thanks to Samsung DeX technology, which is activated when you connect the dock, you can use the Tab S6 as a PC. These are also the best tablets with a keyboard, Samsung has developed a new keyboard, with a trackpad and function keys, allowing it to turn into a laptop.

    The model is equipped with a battery capacity of 7040 mAh,whose charge is easily enough for one working day. It takes two hours to charge from 0 to 100%. The kit also includes an S Pen stylus, which is attached by means of magnetic holders and is charged wirelessly. The only drawback of the Galaxy Tab S6 is its high price.

    Apple iPad (2019): the best 10-inch tablet

    • Why you should buy it: reasonable price, excellent display, smooth operation and high autonomy.
    • For whom is it intended: everyone who needs a tablet.

    Why did I choose the Apple iPad (2019)?

    iPad 2018 can not boast of anytwists, but this is a reliable and really the best tablet 2019 price - quality. Unlike the version of the previous year, it installed a new version of the processor from Apple and support for the Apple Pencil stylus appeared. The design because of the thick front panels looks a bit outdated, although the build quality is excellent, and the 9.7-inch display has good brightness.

    The device runs on an Apple A10 processor withcoprocessor M10, and also supports 2 GB of RAM. This ensures smooth operation regardless of the complexity of the task. On the back of the Apple iPad (2019), you'll find a great 8 megapixel camera with f / 2.4 aperture that offers high detail. On the front is a 1.2-megapixel selfie camera with an f / 2.2 aperture that supports FaceTime technology and video with a resolution of 720p.

    A huge plus of the sixth version of the iPad is the time of itbattery life. When watching an HD video, the battery will last for more than 10 hours, and for non-intensive use - for a week. Nevertheless, the model has a drawback - only one speaker, and that one is weak.

    Amazon Fire HD 8: the best budget tablet

    • Why it is worth buying: Considering the price, it has a good package of options.
    • For whom is it intended: on budget users.

    Why did I choose Amazon Fire HD 8?

    The updated version of Amazon Fire HD 8 (2019), notvery different from last year. The front camera is now 2-megapixel, the opportunity to use the voice assistant Alexa. The display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels has small viewing angles and not sharp image quality, but for reading and watching videos this is enough.

    The case of Fire HD 8 is made of plastic, itDurable and has a colorful design. The device has good speakers, optimized by Dolby Atmos, they provide clear and loud sound. Alexa voice assistant not only promptly gives you answers to questions, with it you can manage your smart home, make calls and much more.

    With mixed use of battery powerenough for about 10 hours of work. The Fire OS software interface on this model is not a much modified version of pure Android. Of course, HD 8 is not perfect, heavy loads affect its speed, and the display lacks brightness and sharpness, but there are many good options here. Given its price - this is the best tablet price - quality.

    Apple iPad Mini 5: the best 8-inch tablet

    • Why you should buy it: combines power and portability.
    • For whom is it intended: those who need a small tablet.

    Why did I choose the Apple iPad Mini 5?

    Externally, the iPad Mini 5 is no different frompredecessor, but the internal configuration has undergone significant changes. The new model is equipped with a powerful A12 Bionic processor, making performance super smooth, even during games, and when working in Photoshop.

    The design of the device looks a bit outdated. The tablet has a 7.9-inch display that provides good image quality, an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 7-megapixel on the front. The new version of the iPad Mini 5 works with the first generation Apple Pencil stylus. Its battery life is about 10 hours.

    The main advantage of the Apple iPad Mini 5, of course, is portability, but this device is not cheap - its price exceeds the cost of the 2018 iPad.

    Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Best Kids Tablet

    • Why you should buy it: better parental control features.
    • For whom is it intended: on young users.

    Why did I choose Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition?

    Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition features an 8-inchdisplay with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, providing clear and vivid color reproduction. The case is framed by a thick rubber cover that protects against damage when dropped. We have 32 GB of internal memory available, and it is possible to increase its volume using microSD cards.

    The best thing about Fire HD Kids Edition isparental control system. Fire OS software gives parents the opportunity to set a daily limit on the use of equipment, restrict access to unwanted sites, set educational goals. Thanks to a special panel for parents, you will know what the child was busy with, when and how much he sat with the tablet.

    By purchasing this model, you get freeaccess to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a huge library that stores countless applications, games, educational content, videos and books, although most of them are in English. Amazon provides a two-year warranty under which the device will be replaced in case of any breakdown.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 6: the best tablet on Windows

    • Why it is worth buying: A great alternative to a laptop.
    • For whom is it intended: those who need a 2-in-1 tablet on Windows.

    Why did I choose Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

    Surface Pro 6 is a hybrid device thatIt is convenient to use both as a tablet and as a laptop. Its 12.3-inch screen has a resolution of 2736 × 1824 pixels and provides high image quality. There is pretty good performance, although in games it still loses the power of the iPad Pro.

    Mixed battery lifeuse - one day. Accessories such as Type Cover and Surface Pen are compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 6; they make the tablet laptop an excellent assistant for people with creative professions and students.

    Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch): the best gaming tablet

    • Why you should buy it: there is a large screen and unsurpassed performance.
    • For whom is it intended: gamers and advanced users.

    Why did I choose the Apple iPad Pro (12.9 inch)?

    The latest 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro has a stylish design with thin frames. The Home button has been replaced by the Face ID system. In addition, a USB-C port appeared in the device.

    The device is equipped with a huge screen for a tablet withResolution 2732 × 2048 pixels. Thanks to Apple ProMotion technology, incredible smoothness is achieved with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. With a powerful eight-core Apple A12X Bionic processor and a neural engine, there are no impossible tasks for this device. iPad Pro (12.9-inch) can easily cope with resource-demanding games and drawing applications.

    On sale there are versions with memory from 64 GB to 1TB Unfortunately, there is no support for microSD cards to expand the internal memory and a 3.5 mm port for headphones. Battery life with mixed use is about 10 hours. The equipment works with the Apple Pencil stylus, and a smart keyboard (both accessories are purchased separately).

    Which OS is better for the tablet?

    If you choose a device for entertainment, and,likely to be using a lot of apps and games, we recommend Apple iOS. There are many ready-made applications created specifically for the iPad, you will also have access to all the basic services and an extensive repository of subscription content.

    Android OS has a greater selection of freeapplications and games, although they are usually less perfect, but this can be a compromise that you are ready to make. This complicates the user interface from the manufacturer a little. It can delay Android updates and greatly change the look. For example, Amazon’s tablets have a shell on top of Android called Fire OS, and its users initially have access only to a limited set of applications and games available in the Amazon App Store, and not to the full list from the Google Play Store.

    If you like the idea of ​​accessing the sameapplications that are on your Windows PC, and you want to easily connect your business devices to Microsoft services, then a tablet running Windows 10 will be a good solution. But high-quality and productive Windows devices are relatively expensive. If you are not a businessman or you do not need to work only with Windows applications, this option may be redundant.

    Can I call from a tablet?

    Yes, you can make phone calls totablet, but at least you will need to connect to the Internet. You can connect to Wi-Fi, or, if you need to make calls outside the Wi-Fi range, buy a tablet with cellular support and do it using a SIM card.

    You can use video chat apps,that work with Android or iPad tablets. Many of them also allow you to make audio calls. However, the person you decide to call should usually have the same application. Some applications, like Skype, allow you to call regular landline or mobile phone numbers, but you often have to pay for every minute or buy a subscription.

    How to send messages from the tablet?

    Yes, you can send text messages withtablet. If you have an iPad, you can use iMessage, although the software will only allow messages to be sent to other iOS devices or Mac computers. There are many great text messaging programs that run on Android or iOS. Their choice comes down only to personal preferences and what your friends or relatives use.

    One of the TOP-best tablets of 2019 - video