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The best smartphones under 15,000 rubles: rating of 2022

After the dollar exchange rate exceeded 100 rublesapiece, followed by the prices of electronics, especially mobile ones. As a result, devices that were sold for 10 thousand rubles back in January began to cost 16-17 thousand at best, and price of flagships for android, which used to cost 50k each, began to approachsix-digit mark. Despite this, the needs of users for new smartphones have not gone away, but for the most part, people were not ready to pay more for them. We present to you TOP of the best smartphones under 15,000 rubles, which can and should be bought in 2022.

There are still inexpensive smartphones in Russian retail

Great value for choosing an affordable smartphone, oddly enough, plays not only value for moneybut also the origin.Characteristics, and optimization, and the operation of Google services, and further support depend on this. That is, you should not take crafts of Chinese nouns, even if the price seems very attractive to you. Better take qualitative the device is simpler, but from a trusted manufacturer.

Do not think that for 15 thousand rubles you will succeed find the perfect smartphone, which will perform, if not better, then at least no worse than many flagships.

For this money you will not find good gaming smartphone. This does not mean that it will not be possible to play on it.Just don't make too many claims against it and don't try to set it to the highest settings. However, you can play most popular games on an inexpensive smartphone, popular games are optimized. The only nuance will be that inexpensive smartphones most often have memory up to 32 gigabytes, RAM up to 3 gigabytes and many large games cannot be installed at the same time.


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  • 2 best smartphones with a good camera
  • 3 best smartphones with good battery life
  • 4 Best Big Screen Smartphones
  • 5 Is it worth ordering a smartphone on Aliexpress
  • 6 Where is the best place to buy a smartphone

The best smartphones under 15 thousand rubles

When we talk about low-cost smartphones, you need to be very careful when evaluating the characteristics. This will allow you to correctly determine which smartphone is better under 15000 rubles. There are a number of criteria that in their case are applied differently than in the case of more expensive devices. For example, it is practically meaningless to start from the number of processor cores or processor clock speed. Since these are entry-level devices, the power here practically does not affect anything.

Almost all inexpensive Android smartphones are Chinese. But among them you need to choose the best

Let's pay attention to RAM. Often more RAM does not mean that the smartphone will be better. For example, if the device has 1-2 GB of RAM, most likely it runs on a stripped-down version of the OS - Android Go. It is specially adapted for devices with weak technical specificationsand it works amazing on them.Therefore, do not neglect devices with small RAM. Also, do not pay attention to the amount of memory of the smartphone itself, because it is usually possible to install a large memory card.

And here What to look for when choosing a smartphone from the initial price segment:

  • Display Diagonal. The higher it is, the better.But for permission I recommend not to grab. If it is Full HD, the smartphone will discharge faster and, most likely, work a little slower. Therefore, HD in this case is even more preferable.
  • Battery. Regardless of model and specificationssmartphone you choose, a powerful battery is always an advantage. Thanks to it, the device will work longer than competitors. Minimum - 4000 mAh. The maximum does not exist.
  • NFC. Thanks to him, the smartphone receives supportcontactless payment. Google Pay no longer works in Russia, but there are no problems with SberPay and Mir Pay. However, if there is no NFC, it will be possible to pay using SBPey by scanning QR codes.
  • The fingerprint scanner. Today it is in all smartphones, but -I conjure you - do not take models with a scanner that is built into the display. You will spit and get angry at how badly it works. Much better fingerprints built into the power button on the side, or located on the back cover. They are the most comfortable.

We have tried to compose smartphone ratingwho qualify as the bestrepresentatives of the initial price category. Which one to choose is up to you. Look around, study the characteristics of the presented models, compare them with each other, get acquainted with the possibilities and decide based on your budget and basic requirements for the gadget.

The best smartphones with a good camera

Nokia G10

Nokia always did smartphones with good cameras, and even inexpensive models brands are notexception to this rule. Despite the fact that the Finns put Carl Zeiss optics mainly in flagship devices, this does not prevent Nokia state employees from taking pictures at the level.

Nokia traditionally makes smartphones with good cameras

Nokia G10 meets the criteria we mentioned above. Here powerful battery at 5050 mAh, thanks to which it lives up to three days on a single charge, a 6.5-inch display, a side fingerprint scanner and a triple camera with a resolution of 13, 2 and 2 megapixels.

Price: 13 940 rubles (buy)

Sounds good already, right? But here also pure android. This is a distinctive advantage of all Nokia smartphones. An OS uncorrupted by external shells puts less stress on hardware, gets android updates faster than analogues and does not knock applications out of memory due to a conflict between the mechanisms of the system itself and the shell.

Nokia 2.4

Ranked second on the list quality smartphones with a good camera is also a Finnish device - Nokia 2.4. Technically, it is quite close to the G10, because it is equipped with a 6.5-inch display with HD resolution and the same amount of internal memory - 32 GB. However, this model has a number of key differences from the previous one.

Nokia 2.4 can take night photos in low light conditions

  • Fingerprint scanner on the back instead of on the side
  • Battery - 4500 mAh versus 5000 mAh for the G10;
  • Two camera modules instead of three for the G10;
  • The amount of RAM is 2 GB instead of 3 GB for the G10.

Price: 11 950 rubles (buy)

Despite this, Nokia 2.4 boasts two advanced shooting modes, which today not even all representatives of the higher price segment have. These are portrait photos and the “Night” mode, when shooting is carried out in low light conditions. All this allows us to safely assume that Nokia 2.4 is included in the category “best budget smartphones under 15 thousand rubles”.

ZTE Blade A71

This is not a camera phone, let's face it. But in terms of automation, the camera of this smartphone will give odds to any other device, allowing it to enter the rating. best smartphones under 15,000 rubles. It is equipped with a triple photo module with wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telescopic objects and a resolution of 16, 8 and 2 megapixels.

ZTE is not the most popular smartphones in Russia, but this will change soon

ZTE Blade A71 supports portrait photography, shooting with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, due towhich even a large company or landscape will fit into the frame, and it also recognizes objects that fall into its lens, choosing its own settings for each shooting scenario.

Price: 14,000 rubles (buy)

In terms of characteristics, here is the full order:

  • 6.52-inch display with 20:9 aspect ratio;
  • Support blue light filter to protect your eyes in the dark;
  • The amount of RAM and internal memory - 3/64 GB;
  • NFC support for contactless payments;
  • 4000 mAh battery with advanced energy saving system.

The best smartphones with a good battery

Nokia C30

Nokia C30 has the largest battery among all smartphones from this collection and the best autonomy. Its capacity is 6000 mAh, thanks to which, coupled with a small resolution that provides the device with high energy efficiency, it will work a full week.

This is the smartphone with the largest screen and battery in this collection.

Such a smartphone is not scary to take on a hike or ona long flight not only by plane, but even by train. You can take the train from Moscow to Murmansk and never recharge the Nokia C30, even considering the display with a huge diagonal by today's standards - as much as 6.82 inches.

Price: 14 870 rubles (buy)

Rest characteristics are also quite worthy. 13 MP camera, 3 GB RAM and Android Go as a software platform.As I said above, a stripped-down OS build can work even better than a regular one. Therefore, do not worry that this is a conditionally inferior version. Nokia C30 - by the way, one of the few - who can generally be used as gaming smartphone even with apparent hardware imperfections. After all, to discharge it, you will need more than one hour of continuous play.

Vivo Y30

Vivo smartphones have always been famous for their worthy combination of price and features.

One more inexpensive smartphone with good battery. Its capacity, like that of Redmi 9C, is not a record -only 5000 mAh. But in comparison with other representatives of the budget segment, whose manufacturers save on everything and everything, this is a really worthy indicator.

Vivo Y30 is among best smartphones in 2022 up to 15,000 rublesbecause he is very good both externally andtechnically. It has as many as 4 cameras, including macro and ultra-wide with distortion correction, a fast fingerprint scanner on the back, and NFC, so you can pay via SberPay or MirPay.

Price: 14 990 rubles (buy)

It's cool that the manufacturer took care of the additional functionality. Therefore, Vivo Y30 supports not only the usual fast, but also reverse charge. No, it won't be wireless like the flagships, but you can wire another phone to it and it will charge at 5W.

Realme C21Y

Realme is a sub-brand of Vivo, so you don't have to be afraid of its smartphones

If you are not familiar Realme brand, do not worry - this is a subsidiary of Vivo,under which the company produces a wide range of smartphones: from ultra-budget to affordable flagships. At the same time, for its price, this model offers a fairly advanced set of features:

  • Display – 6.5″ HD
  • Battery – 5000 mAh, fast charging 10 W
  • Camera - 13, 2 and 2 MP
  • Memory – 4/64 GB
  • Fast fingerprint scanner
  • Triple SIM and MicroSD slot
  • Reverse charge mode

Price: 14 990 rubles (buy)

Apart from big battery with a very serious power saving mode,which only supports calls, SMS and a few other functions, Realme C21Y has a large amount of internal and RAM. In our today's selection, this is the only device with 4 GB of RAM.

The best big screen smartphones

Galaxy M12

Galaxy M12 is probably the most advanced smartphone in its price category

samsung galaxy The M12 is an entry-level smartphone that still has large display with an impressive diagonal and an increased refresh rate. This is a 6.5-inch matrix with HD resolution and support for 90 Hz mode.

According to the characteristics, everything is plus or minus stable for the initial price segment:

  • Processor - Exynos 850
  • Camera - 48/5/2/2 MP
  • Battery - 5000 mAh
  • Memory – 3/32 GB
  • Charging - fast, 15 W

Price: 14 391 rubles (buy)

Perhaps this is one of best smartphones in today's selection value for money. Just look at the camera specs, battery capacity and display refresh rate. And there is also very fast charging. Yes, this is almost the standard of a budget smartphone.However, its price can be different, depending on the amount of memory, so be careful: there is a model with 3 gigabytes of RAM, and there are 4 gigabytes for a couple of thousand more. Choosing a model with more memory is for those who are used to using a lot of applications and games.

Nokia C30

Nokia C30 has a very large and cool screen

Nokia C30 has one of the largest screens not only in its price categorybut also in the smartphone market in general. Its diagonal is 6.82 inches. This is even more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. That is why the Nokia C30 is presented twice in this collection.

Why such a screen is needed, I think it's clear.It is more convenient to watch videos and even whole series on it, surf the Internet, scroll through the TikTok or Instagram feed. Unless typing will be a little problematic. But are there those who do it with one hand?

Price: 14 870 rubles (buy)

The rest of the features are pretty decent too. 13 MP camera, good battery at 6000 mAh (by the way, almost a record), 3 GB of RAM and Android 11 Go as a software platform. As I said above, a stripped-down version of the OS can work even better than the usual one.

Redmi 9c

If and take Xiaomi Redmi 9C then global version with NFC

This is one of the most cheap Xiaomi smartphones today. Moreover, not onlythe most basic version with a memory capacity of 2/32 GB, but also the older one with 3/64 GB. The latter is knocked out of the budget by only 200 rubles, which you can throw off with the help of points or a promotional code, which are simply in bulk on the Web.

Features of Redmi 9C:

  • Processor – MTK Helio G35
  • Screen – 6.53 inches HD
  • Memory – 2/32, 3/64 GB
  • Battery - 5000 mAh, 10 W
  • OS - Android 10
  • NFC - yes (in the global version)

Of course 6.52 inches is not a record, but thanks to the teardrop notch, Redmi 9C loses a minimum of usable space, and due to the thin frames around the edges, it is one of the most compact smartphones with a screen of this diagonal.

Price: 14,000 rubles (buy)

It is recommended to take the global version, because only it supports contactless payment. We talked about why Chinese smartphones do not need NFC in a separate article. True, keep in mind that the global camera has only a double camera, and not a triple one like the Chinese one. But good camera determined not by the number of modules, but by the quality of the shooting.

Is it worth ordering a smartphone on Aliexpress

The main thing is never to buy spontaneously, only after reading reviews and reviews on different sites, having decided which is better smartphone for your needs, only then choose where to buy. It has long been considered that it is most profitable to buy phones on AliExpress.

On AliExpress, prices are usually lower, but it takes longer to wait for your package.

Usually there is something on Alishka select, and average price smartphone is lower than in regular retail.This is true for both the international version ( and the Russian version ( Only in the first case, sellers do not pay VAT, since they send goods from outside Russia, and in the second case, more favorable prices are a site condition.

Many are concerned is it safe to buy a phone on aliexpress. The platform protects its users andIn which case they will refund their money. However, even here there are some nuances: you will have to wait for delivery and understand the risk that the parcel will be lost, the money will most likely be returned, but you will still lose time.

You need to be careful and pay attention to the version for which market you are buying. because best models are those that are designed specifically for your market. It is not uncommon for the Chinese and global versions of the same smartphone to have different specifications.

Most often, of course, the differences are of a software nature, but often there are also hardware ones. For example, contactless payment. Many Chinese smartphones are simply missing NFC-module, and in the global version, which is intended for the international market, it is.

Another nuance is delivery. If order a smartphone from China, it is likely that he will go to you by mail 2-3, andthen 4 weeks. Usually not longer, but there are exceptions, and then the terms can change upwards, although not indefinitely. Ali has 50 days to send you the item. Otherwise, you can open a dispute and get a refund.

Where is the best place to buy a smartphone

In retail stores, delivery is usuallyyou don’t have to wait, unless the phone is being transported specifically for you. Usually you can just come to the salon and feel the smartphone in order to decide on the spot whether to buy it or not.

Buying a smartphone in an electronics store is the easiest, but often a little more expensive.

However, the possibility check smartphone before buying is not the only advantage of traditional stores.

According to Russian laws, all goods are provided two year warranty, even if the manufacturer specified only the year. This rule does not apply to Chinese devices ordered from Ali. Only for PCT phones purchased in official retail.

Most of us do not use the warranty, and thisOK. But think about it: the longer the warranty period, the more valuable your device will be in the secondary market. Surely many want buy a used phone with a guarantee, and the laws of the Russian Federation give them the opportunity to satisfyyour need, and it’s more profitable for you to sell a non-new device from your hands. But for him, you can also ask for a little more than if the guarantee had already expired.

But regardless of whether which smartphone will you choose, it is important to understand that today with popular models at favorable prices even in stores there are problems with availability, butyou can usually buy to order through online stores. Also, do not be surprised that those models that cost less than 10 thousand rubles in early February are now sold for 15. The dollar exchange rate has done its job and forced retailers to adjust prices upwards so as not to be at a loss. However, the models that we have selected for you can be considered the best in their price category.