The best smartphones and gadgets by February 23

Table of Contents

  • realme 10 Pro+ 12 + 256 GB
  • Laser Video Projector Hisense Laser TV PL1H
  • POCO X5 5G
  • De'Longhi Magnifica S coffee machine
  • INFINIX NOTE 12 2023 8+256GB
  • Smart suitcase
  • Headphones Nothing Ear 1
  • Valve Steam Deck 256 GB
  • Xiaomi Precision screwdriver set or VertexTools
  • Conclusion

Coming soon February 23rd.The best gift is a gluing of the whole 4 days off. And in the central region, the weather is also expected to be snowy. So if there is an opportunity, then it would be necessary to go somewhere in nature. It’s great in Karelia now, it’s gorgeous on the Gulf of Finland, and in Yaroslavl, when you stand on the arrow and look at the snow-covered Volga, you just want to shout: “RUUUUUU!”. It is even more pleasant if you manage to bring interesting photos as a keepsake from the holidays. So there are some good smartphones in this collection.

Well, if the schedule and circumstances do not giveopportunities for a 4-day vacation, then the main recommendation for a holiday is to try to switch from your routine to something new. Technology can help in this regard. For example, testing new headphones can be a very pleasant evening.

realme 10 Pro+ 12 + 256 GB

Price: 36 999 rubles

realme 10 Pro+ is hot new in February, andin advance, we can say that this will be one of the best-selling smartphones in its price segment. realme 10 Pro+ impresses with its balance and versatility. A rare case when a smartphone has no weak points.

By the anniversary 10th issue, realme came up fully armed:

First, it is the first smartphone in the so-callednumber series with a curved AMOLED screen. Throw in a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ support, and a wide color spectrum that allows the screen to display more than 1 billion colors. As well as the absence of flicker at minimum brightness (PWM 2160 Hz).

At the same time, realme managed to cope with twothe main disadvantages of curved screens: increased fragility during falls and false touches. The new generation of protective glass easily withstands drops even at angles from a meter high. And an advanced algorithm based on artificial intelligence adapts to its owner, allowing you to avoid false touches.


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A brief digression into the history of display module repair and reasoning about where it all goes and why.

Well, since we are talking about the AMOLED screen, we mustto say about the fact that realme 10 Pro + is almost the first smartphone on the Russian market with Android 13 out of the box, and most importantly, with a new version of the proprietary realme UI 4.0 shell. realme UI 4.0 has a lot of interesting things, but from an aesthetic point of view, the new designs and widgets for the Always-On screen are the most pleasing.

realme 10 Pro+ pleases with the fact that there is not onlya cool screen, but also hardware with cameras up to the mark: Dimensity 1080 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, dual-band GPS, 67 W charging and a 5000 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

The smartphone has 256 GB storage and up to 12 GBhigh speed RAM. Plus, realme allows you to allocate another 12 GB of virtual RAM. Total 24 GB. With such a volume, you can not close at least a hundred pages in the browser, and when you return, they will not have to reload.

The chipset used is MediaTek.Dimensity 1080 5G, made in 6 nm process technology. Great choice. Over the past couple of years, MediaTek has become the market leader in chipsets and has surpassed Qualcomm in terms of performance/power efficiency/heating. Conducted performance tests show no throttling and stable graphics performance even under extreme loads.

And finally, it should be noted that the 10th series intaking photography to a whole new level. So, in realme 10 Pro +, the main camera is 108 MP, sharpened for shooting in low light conditions. Plus, the smartphone offers many professional shooting modes. Advertising: LLC "RM COMMUNICATION" LdtCK1xeg

Laser Video Projector Hisense Laser TV PL1H

Price: 149,999 rubles (the discount price at Eldorado on February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

It's a gizmo that I'm looking forward to reviewing. If you get a chance, be sure to visit the showroom.

The chip of the projector is its compactness.Basically, it shines upwards. The projector must be installed at a distance of 40 cm from the wall. In theory, if the wall is white, then you can even do without a screen. The projector's brightness (2100 ANSI-lumens) is enough to hide the texture of the wall (image size - from 80 to 120 inches, resolution - 4K UHD). Although, of course, at all the exhibitions where Hisense showed the projector, they used some kind of special light-enhancing screen.

An interesting point about Hisense Laser TV PL1H.The company first showed a similar laser projector about 4-5 years ago, but then it cost a whopping 10 thousand dollars. Now it is being sold for “only” 150,000 dollars, that is, 2,000 dollars. And from a unique contraption for the super-rich, the projector has become a thing that everyone can afford.

Hisense says the projector supports DolbyVision / HDR10 / HLG, there is a special game mode (minimum image output delay), built-in stereo speakers (2 x 15 W) with Dolby Atmos.

You probably don’t need to run as fast as you can and buy, it’s better to take note and wait for the first reviews to come out (probably the end of March or even April).


Price: 20,999 rubles (discount price in DNS on February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

POCO X5 5G is the ideal smartphone of 2023 in its price range. You should get to know this smartphone if only to have a point of reference and disagree no less.

Let me explain what I mean:

Screen. Many smartphones now have AMOLED screens.But few give a frequency of 120 Hz, even fewer options with a peak brightness of 1200 nits and a color gamut of 100% DCI-P3. But even this is not enough. In 2023, advanced technologies must be demanded from the screen! For example, in POCO X5 5G, ultra-high resolution technology for the touch layer, ensuring precise control.

Another example is the battery and fast charging.The POCO X5 5G has a 5000mAh battery and 33W charging, while using MMT technology. The easiest way to illustrate the technology (see the picture below). Thanks to this approach, 33W charging charges the smartphone as quickly as more powerful adapters, but does not overheat, which allows you to extend the life of the device.

The new Snapdragon is responsible for performance695 with a 5G modem, made according to the 6 nm process technology. This is a powerful, power efficient chipset with an omnivorous 5G modem. This year, they promised that 5G coverage would appear at several metro stations. With such a modem, there is every chance to be one of the first super speed testers!

Along the way, it should be noted that the smartphone has a 3.5 mm jack, NFC for contactless payment, IP53 water protection, and an infrared port to use the smartphone as a TV remote control.

Module 48 is used as the main cameraMP (this is an OmniVision OV48B sensor with 4-to-1 pixel fusion technology). The smartphone also has an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as a macro camera (macro photography will pleasantly surprise you!).

The motto of POCO X5 5G is “Everything. How to".And indeed it is. The company creates a universal smartphone, designed for the owner to simply use and enjoy, without thinking about technical characteristics.

De'Longhi Magnifica S coffee machine

Price: 35,000 rubles (the price from the Yandex Market online store as of February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

I talked about this De'Longhi Magnifica S back in2021. For me, it was the perfect gift, as I would never buy myself. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day and have always choked toad to buy an ENTIRE coffee machine for that.

1 passed.5 years, like, the coffee machine should have become boring, but no! It still evokes joy and delight. And this is one of my favorite gadgets in the house (after the robot vacuum cleaner and blender). The service life is short, but I can report that so far no problems have arisen. From time to time the machine asks to clean it from scale. And so know the grain fall asleep in the bunker and pour water.

In fact, I use the cappuccinatore only when I want to quickly heat milk, and not for the sake of foam.

De'Longhi Magnifica S is an entry-level modellevel, but if you look at the characteristics, you can see that the more expensive De’Longhi options have screens added, smartphone control appears, but the power, pressure, and number of grinding degrees remain the same. That is, the taste of coffee in a machine for 35 and 95 thousand rubles will be the same. Yes, it’s probably cool to control a coffee machine from a smartphone. But in fact it will be like with a smart kettle: I tried it a couple of times, and then it’s easier to press the button on the kettle than to open the application, select a kettle in it, etc.


Price: 19,990 rubles (the price from the MVideo online store as of February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

TECNO POVA 4 Pro is a smartphone for those whowants everything at once, and even forget about charging for a couple of days. Powerful yet power efficient chipset, big 90Hz screen, plenty of memory (8+5GB RAM + 256GB storage), 6000mAh battery with 45W adapter that charges it in less than 1.5 hours. And the smartphone has an unusual back panel design.

This is a smartphone for those who love to play (chipsetenough for all games), who likes to watch movies and TV shows, and just for those who are looking for a versatile and bright smartphone. At the end of the note is a link to a review of the smartphone. Be sure to read!

Let's sum up all the strengths of the smartphone:

  • The smartphone uses MediaTek Helio G99 –new star of the market. This fresh 6nm chipset achieves around 400k AnTuTu points while boasting the energy efficiency of the Snapdragon 680, which by comparison scored 260k AnTuTu points.
  • 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage,separate microSD card slot. A fast drive was specially installed in the smartphone, which allows using part of the built-in memory as virtual RAM. Thus, the smartphone has 8 + 5 GB of RAM.
  • 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate, 500 nits brightness, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  • The front camera is 8 MP, the main camera is 50 MP with dual flash - it's great that they didn't pile up a lot of 2 MP modules for the sake of marketing.
  • Battery 6000 mAh. Increased battery capacity + modern hardware is a good combination. Reverse charging 10 W allows you to connect and recharge from your smartphone, for example, headphones.
  • Adapter 45W. If the smartphone had a standard 10-15 W adapter, then the battery would charge for three hours. And so only 88 minutes from 0 to 100%.
  • NFC and support for Mir cards, VoLTE, VoWiFi, call recording, 3.5 mm jack and FM radio.
  • Android 12 will be updated to Android 13.
  • Matte back panel of unusual design.
  • Includes case and protective film.

Tecno Pova 4 Pro: there is no such thing as too much performance

Powerful Helio G99 chipset, excellent 90Hz AMOLED screen and 6000mAh battery supporting 45W fast charging.

INFINIX NOTE 12 2023 8+256GB

Price: 17,990 rubles (the price from the Beeline online store on February 19 is indicated as a guideline)

Main features:

● 6.7″ FHD+ AMOLED screen

● MediaTek Helio G99 6 nm processor

● 8+128 GB expandable up to 13 GB RAM

● Fast charge 33W, battery 5000mAh

● Main camera 50 MP + 2 MP portrait + AI module


We will talk about NOTE 12 2023, but on my own I will say,that the entire INFINIX NOTE 12 series (both PRO and model 2023, the devices differ only in the main camera - 108 and 50 MP), in my opinion, are one of the best smartphones in terms of price / features / hardware. And it is surprising that the prices for the line do not exceed 20 thousand rubles. The devices are worth it!

Well, check out the design. By the way, the glossy block around the camera can be used as a mirror to take selfies on the main camera.

The INFINIX NOTE 12 2023 uses one of the best chipsets - Helio G99, made according to the 6 nm process technology. The chipset is powerful (under 360 thousand points in AnTuTu), but at the same time very energy efficient.


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Plus, the smartphone has a 5000 mAh battery.In terms of battery life, the NOTE 12 series is beyond praise. I took a smartphone on a trip from Moscow via Rostov to Yaroslavl. On the road, I used it as a navigator and a music player, of course, I took pictures of sights, plus the Internet and instant messengers. At the end of the day, 30% remained. In the morning in 40 minutes I charged 33 W with a charger, and walk around the city! By the way, battery protection technology is used, providing up to 800 charge cycles without loss of battery power.

The 50 MP module in the INFINIX NOTE 2023 providesa good result not only during the day (which is not surprising, now all smartphones have learned to shoot during the day), but also at night. Artificial intelligence works out the details perfectly, finding a balance between sharpness and noise reduction.

I recommend reading both reviews and seeing sample photos!

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Smart suitcase

Judging by the news stories of 2022 and the rhetoric of the Ministry of Digital Development, many cyber-defenders of the Fatherland can be presented with a good suitcase on February 23. The gift will be appropriate and definitely not stale.

There are several smart suitcases on the market.

For example, there is an Airwheel SR5 Silver that canride for your owner. And you can also sit on a suitcase and drive at a dull speed of about 6 km / h. In theory, perhaps, they will give a ride for the vehicle, they will allow you to cross the border.

Price - 90,000 rubles

There is a NEEBO with built-in scales and a wire for a power bank.

The price is 16,000 rubles.

And then there's the LEED Luggage Cowarobot, which can follow its owner for 20km and will also find it in a crowd if it hasn't gone more than 80m.

Price — 48 000 rubles

However, I would still recommend acting onto the canons of the old school and start from the fact that the suitcase should be light and durable. Such that it can be quickly scratched over rough terrain without attracting attention. So check out the ultra-light mid-size models (80 liters) from American Tourister or Samsonite in dark colors. These can now be found for a little less than 20 thousand. And if you choose a very large suitcase, then choose a rag one, not a plastic one (so as not to push through).

Headphones Nothing Ear 1

Price: 9,500 rubles (the price from the Yandex Market online store as of February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

In fact, there are plenty of good wireless earbuds on the market right now. But there are a couple of things to watch out for:

  • Be sure to take headphones with activenoise reduction. Of course, plugs cannot compete with overheads like Sony or Bose, but they still significantly reduce the noise level. Considering that noise is harmful and there is a lot of it in cities, headphones can be used even without music, but simply in noise reduction mode when traveling in public transport or when moving along city streets. At the same time, you don’t have to worry that the “noise cancelers” will completely turn you off from the sounds of the city, they will not have enough strength for this.
  • Please note that there is not only noise reduction, but also a convenient transparency mode. And most importantly, it is convenient to switch between modes.

As good headphones, I can recommend realme Buds Air 3. If you need a more voluminous sound, then Xiaomi Buds 3. In terms of noise reduction, the headphones are about the same level.

However, this note is titled Nothing Ear 1,After all, we are still looking for something for a gift. And Nothing Ear 1 in its translucent case is strikingly different from typical white earplugs. At the same time, in terms of sound quality, they are approximately the same as realme Buds Air 3. But they live on a single charge for 7 hours. In short, I would not have bought Nothing Ear 1 for myself. For rational and prudent: instead of overpaying, I would take realme, and if I wanted better sound, then Xiaomi. However, if I were presented with Nothing Ear 1, then I would be very happy with a new fashionable toy.

The main thing is not to confuse Nothing Ear 1 with Nothing Ear (stick). The latter are a bit cheaper, but they don't have active noise cancellation!

Valve Steam Deck 256 GB

Price: 47,000 rubles (the price from the Avito online store on February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

Portable gaming computer-console Steam Deckturned out to be a hit. Well, why not? Gaming laptops and consoles are bulky, outrageously expensive, and require you to dedicate time to them. You need to turn it on, sit comfortably, get ready ... Steam Deck, on the other hand, makes it possible to play games from Steam quickly and without bothering. I saw the owners actively playing in the subway and at lunch in the mall.

I recommend reading our review.

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Xiaomi Precision screwdriver set or VertexTools

Price: 1,100 - 1,700 rubles (the price from the Yandex Market online store on February 19 is indicated as a guideline).

A set of screwdrivers from Xiaomi is a nice gift that will appeal to even those who did not plan to untwist anything.

First, the set looks very stylish.The case is made of brushed aluminum and will keep the presentation for a long time, and it feels good in the hand. And most importantly - it is reliable and will not open by itself. To get the screwdrivers out of the case, you need to press on the pencil case.

Secondly, the pencil case is not easy, but magnetic, so the bits will not fall out. Yes, and getting the bits is convenient: you press on the tip, the back of the bit rises, after which it is convenient to insert it into a screwdriver.

I got Xiaomi Precision at one time inas a gift. I myself never thought that I needed such a contraption. However, a set of screwdrivers almost instantly found a use, and I still use it regularly. From a recent one, a screw unscrewed from a girl’s glasses and a lens fell out. She was about to go to the optics salon, and here I am so handy - one! - and impressed.

VertexTools is a more professional set of115 items (for comparison, Xiaomi only has 24 bits). This is more of an option for those involved in the repair of equipment, as there are even plastic spatulas to make it easier to peel off the screen. I add it to the selection because of the abundance of attachments. With this set, you can unscrew any screw.


As a bonus option for a good gift forFebruary 23 I can recommend Petrozavodsk and Karelia. You can get from Moscow by train in just one night. And there dogs, snowmobiles, forests and fields are waiting for you.

We traveled like this in 2021, and it was very good: a couple of days in nature, a day in the city to take a walk and go to delicious places. In the comments, of course, leave your options for good things.