The best photos of the solar eclipse July 2

Millions of people in Chile and Argentina on July 2for more than 4 minutes, we observed a total solar eclipse. According to NASA, in contrast to the partial eclipse, which happens at least twice a year, a total solar eclipse occurs only once a year and a half. Therefore, it is not surprising that tens of thousands of tourists flooded into these countries decided to see such a rare sight with their own eyes. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of Russia have not been lucky to see this year’s total eclipse of the sun. But do not worry, we have collected for you the best photos of this event.

What is a solar eclipse?

Recall that a solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth line up in a single line. About what other types of eclipses are, you can read, for example, here.

During a total solar eclipse, being betweenWith our planet and the luminary, the moon covers the sun, allowing us to see the solar corona. The solar corona is the outer layers of the atmosphere of the sun that go into space for many millions of kilometers. Its temperature is 100 times higher than that of the surface of the Sun itself.

Surprisingly, the total solar eclipse saweven the small Chinese satellite DSLWP-B, which is now in orbit of the Moon. It was launched to Earth satellite in 2018 along with another Chinese near-moon orbiting probe, Queqiao, which is used in the Chang'e-4 mission.

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The images show how the moon casts its shadow on Earth.

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