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The best gifts for March 8 for beauty and health. Your woman will thank you

With all the textbooks of such stories, soit turned out that men are really rather forgetful in terms of everything that concerns anniversaries, all kinds of events and celebrations. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of you have remembered that March 8th soon, only from this post, which means that there is noso much time to give something to those women to whom you are not indifferent. Whom to give, of course, only you decide. But what to choose - so that the delivery does not take much time and you can be in time with the gift on time - we, of course, will advise.

It's not too late to choose gifts for March 8


  • 1 Which is better: iron or steamer
  • 2 Which coffee is best for a coffee machine
  • 3 Heated massage cushion
  • 4 Which smartphone to buy before 20000
  • 5 Why you need a humidifier
  • 6 How to take care of your skin
  • 7 Which fitness bracelet is better
  • 8 Aroma diffuser with sticks
  • 9 Roller massager for the face
  • 10 Illuminated dressing room mirror

Which is better: iron or steamer

The steamer does not remember anything, even if you do not know how to iron

They say ironing is a woman's job. We are against sexism in any of its manifestations, including visual. Therefore, to the question what to give on March 8, we boldly answer - a steamer.Not only is this not an iron with all the stereotypes inherent in this device, it is also more convenient and versatile. It has a 140 ml water tank, which is enough to iron all of today's onions before leaving the house and even more. It allows you to smooth out wrinkles, including those embroidered with beads. dresses that can't be ironed, as well as on curtains, which tend to tumble in any position, except for hanging down.

Price: 800 rubles (with seller's coupon)

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Which coffee is best for a coffee machine

Pay attention to how evenly roasted this coffee is.

There is nothing better in the morning than a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee. But in order for the drink to turn out for realtasty and rich, the grains themselves should be fresh. Of course, you won’t be able to find a roast even a month old in supermarkets: coffee for the mass market usually has different requirements than specialty options. Therefore, it is better to take coffee from trusted roasters like tabers. I like Pura Vida. This is a blend of beans from three different regions of the medium Arabica variety. espresso roasts. On the palate you will find green apple, caramel, chocolate and cocoa.

Price: 1660 rubles (for 1 kg)

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Heated massage cushion

This pillow not only massages, but also warms the muscles.

Despite the fact that professions today are stillit is customary to divide into male and female, and a man and a woman need to rest at the end of the working day. But lying down and lying down is, firstly, too monotonous, and, secondly, it is often practically ineffective, since lying down does not contribute much to proper rest. Especially if there is not much time, and things are called. In such cases massage pillow - it's really an irreplaceable thing. It will not only relieve excessive tension from the neck and shoulder girdle, but also allow them to simply relax, acting on them with a slight heat.

Price: 2480 rubles (delivery 80 rubles)

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Which smartphone to buy before 20000

This affordable smartphone outperforms even more premium models

Times when iphone was the most desired gift, already gone. Today it is far from the most handy smartphoneno matter which side you look at.Whether it's Redmi Note 10 Pro. This is an excellent device with a large 6.7-inch screen, support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a capacious battery with fast charging and a 108 MP camera. It seems that for this money you can hardly count on an ideal device? But author of German Vologzhanin already explained why the Redmi Note 10 Pro is better than the more expensive Xiaomi 12T Pro. And he can be trusted.

Price: 15 850 rubles

Buy Redmi Note 10 Pro

Why you need a humidifier

Any woman knows that skin care requires not only the use of cosmetics,various means for washing, but also the right microclimate. If you regularly come into contact with chlorinated water, experience the drying effect of heating radiators, and are periodically exposed to wind and sub-zero temperatures, the skin is unlikely to say thank you. So it needs to be protected somehow. Of course, there are special creams and serums, but you can protect yourself at a basic level using air humidifier.

This humidifier disperses moisture through an ultrasonic motor rather than an evaporator

Deerma Humidifier DEM-F360W is a device that, despite its small size,able to create a comfortable and useful microclimate in the house. Unlike analogues, this humidifier does not work on the principle of a spray bottle, it simply sprays water around it. The ultrasonic motor allows it to create fine droplets that do not settle, but remain in the air, as if mixing with it. This gives real moisturizing effectso that everyone in the roomthey begin to feel it almost immediately: the feeling of a dry nose disappears, freshness appears, breathing becomes lighter and deeper, and the skin ceases to resemble craft paper.

The Deerma Humidifier DEM-F360W water tank has a volume of 4 liters, and its productivity is 280 ml/h. It is easy to calculate that the liquid youfill the humidifier, enough for more than 13 hours of saturating the air with moisture. And when the water runs out, the device will simply turn off automatically and will not work idle. The manufacturer took care of your comfort and implemented a simple but very convenient cold evaporation technology. Thanks to it, the effect of a bath will not be created in the room that you humidify, which is very difficult for some people to tolerate. Water vapor has almost no effect on the temperature in the room, maintaining a comfortable microclimate regardless of the time of year.

Price: 2910 rubles

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How to take care of your skin

Microcurrents tighten the skin and improve blood circulation

Personal care can be different, and women know it better than us.Therefore, entrust them to decide what and for what purpose to use to maintain beauty. Your task is simply to give them the opportunity to choose. Moreover, there are a great variety of relevant tools today. What is this one worth anti aging device from Xiaomi.In fact, this is a kind of massager that acts on the skin of the face with microcurrents and ultrasound and thereby increases its elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, gives it an even color and improves blood circulation.

Price: 2990 rubles

Buy a lifter

Which fitness bracelet is better

Did you know that you don't have to buy a Mi Band?

Fitness is, let's be honest, an activity that is absolutely notuniversal. Not everyone is able to force themselves to go to the gym at least 2 times a week and jump there to the point of stupefaction. But that doesn't mean you don't have to take care of yourself. You can just have this fitness bracelet and just periodically perform tasks that he will throw up. For example, walk 10,000 steps a day, and then another 5,000. And, if necessary, you can use it to measure both the pulse and oxygen in the blood, and even track the effectiveness of several dozen workouts - from Pilates and dancing to swimming and cycling.

Price: 2950 rubles

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Aroma diffuser with sticks

Cool thing. And most importantly - fragrant, but unobtrusive

A pleasant smell should be not only in the toilet, but also in living quarters. But buying an air freshener for this is not the best solution. And here diffuser with sticks — is a completely different matter.Firstly, it is just a stylish accessory that will decorate the interior of any apartment. Secondly, such gizmos are usually very durable, since they do not spray anything. Well, and, thirdly, diffusers give a very light and unobtrusive aroma, felt, as they say, with your fingertips. This thing is not cheap. But it will also “work” longer than a bottle of perfume.

Price: 3290 rubles

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Roller massager for the face

This is perhaps the best gift in terms of price-quality ratio.

For those who are not ready to spend a lot of money or consider March 8 to be a holiday on duty, when there is no need to give something expensive, there is roller. This is a special natural quartz roller that every woman wants to have. He is needed for wrinkle smoothing and relaxation of facial muscles.The manufacturer claims that thanks to the roller, the facial contour is sculpted (whatever that means), and the skin color becomes more natural. Included with the roller is the so-called scraper Guashawhich helps to tighten the skin.

Price: 320 rubles

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Dressing room mirror with lighting

This mirror looks beautiful even in the pictures.

What woman doesn't like to show off herself?But staring into the small mirror above the bathroom sink is not the same. In it, you can’t really see yourself, or take a picture. And why, if for this purpose there is dressing room mirror height 185 cm.It is mounted on a stand with wheels, thanks to which it will be easy to move it from place to place. And the abundance of bright light bulbs around the perimeter, giving a soft diffused light, will emphasize the makeup, avoiding the unnatural shine of the skin.

Price: 7990 rubles

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