The ball on which you can ride is not a fantasy. Buy a jyroball

How often what seemed incredible before suddenly becomes possible and even easily realizable! Have you ever wanted to ride a ball? This ball has already been created.

Jyroball is spherical, self-balancingelectric transport. Outwardly, he looks like a big football or basketball, from which the platform for the legs. The maximum speed that it can reach is up to 20 km per hour.

Jyroball can be pre-ordered from today, and regular deliveries to customers are scheduled for September.
This original ball will be releasedby Moby, it’s not the first time to work with the pioneers of the market for unusual vehicles, for example, with the inventor of a self-balancing unicycle, released in 2005.

The shape of a rotating electric transport ballprovides fast movements, and since it is self-balancing, it receives inertia from the transfer of your body weight by you - remote control is not required. But you will have to tinker a bit until this skill is developed and consolidated in you, and you will be able to confidently say to yourself: “I learned to ride a charged electric ball.”

Jyroball is compact and light. Its weight is 9 kg, diameter 10 inches (25.4 cm). It can be brought to your office or home without much hassle, if you are on it to get to the place. Charge your vehicle enough without recharging for 23 km. Jyroball will help you overcome the rise with a slope of up to 15 percent.

By preliminary orders the ball can be purchased starting today, at a price of 359 dollars. In the end, the retail cost of the ball will be about $ 900.