The average speed of mobile and home Internet in the world and in Russia is announced. We are not even in the TOP 30.

Over the past decades data transfer rateThe Internet is constantly growing, providing ever more comfortable access to network resources around the world. The analytical company DecisionData demonstrated the growth dynamics of the average Internet speed over the past decade and presented a table with average data on speed in different countries of the world.

Over the past ten years, the average speedmobile and landline internet has increased 10 times. Analysts used South Korea as an example, where in 2010 the average speed was 13 Mbps. Currently, the average speed in the country is about 120.1 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the fastest fixed Internetimplemented in Singapore, where this value is 198.46 Mbit / s. The world leader in the speed of mobile Internet is South Korea with a speed of 88.01 Mbps.

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Saudi Arabia closes the top ten in terms of mobile Internet speed at a speed of 55.71 Mbit / s, and Denmark with a speed of 136.44 Mbit / s on landline Internet.

Meanwhile, Russia is inferior to the leaders and is in 47th place on the stationary Internet with an average speed of 63.4 Mbit / s, and on mobile Internet - in 94th place with the rate of 19.2 Mbit / s.

A complete list of countries and speeds can be found here: speedtest