The authorities of the Russian Federation conceived e-mail deanonymization (2 photos)

In the near future, Russians may be obliged towork with e-mail to pass identification by phone number. The corresponding bill submitted by the Federation Council to the State Duma. If you refuse to identify the user will lose the opportunity to work with e-mail.

The bill proposes to amendArticle 10-1 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information”. They state that the user of the Internet, when sending messages using e-mail, must be identified by the subscriber number of the carrier. Identification is carried out in the manner developed by the Government of the Russian Federation. In some cases stipulated by the Federal Law, it is possible to work without identification.

The bill provides for the possibilityuser to refuse to receive email. The changes are introduced in order to increase the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism and will not require additional expenditures from the budget. Taking into account the fact that in Russia telephone numbers of mobile communication are tied to the passport of citizens, then e-mail will be able to uniquely identify a specific person in the future.