The arsenal of accessories for Nintendo Switch will be filled up with a VR gadget (4 photos)

Rumor has it that Nintendo plans toVR market with its own gadget for Nintendo Switch. Rumor has it that developers have already been assigned to implement VR support for previously released exclusive games. It seems to announce the launch of virtual reality on the Nintendo Switch should already this year. True, the date of the announcement is not voiced.

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It is curious that such conversations went beforerelease prefixes switch. At the end of 2016, a manufacturer's patent was found describing an accessory for virtual reality, similar to Google Cardboard. In February 2017, Tatsumi Kimishima, the then president of Nintendo, reported on the study of VR technology at the company. But it was planned to add it only after the settlement of all technical details. Such as, for example, the elimination of motion sickness and nausea during long gaming sessions.

Chief Operating Officer Nintendo of AmericaReggie Fils-Ehme confirmed Kimishima's statements about the company's experiments with VR technology. According to him, it should be fun. It is likely that Nintendo's own development is already close to the global release.