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The ancient peoples painted drawings on Earth that are visible only from great heights.

Our planet is very diverse, so if yousuddenly you think that you saw everything - do not rush to conclusions. The world is full of amazing places and one of them is the elevated plain of Nazca, located on the territory of the South American republic of Peru. It is noteworthy because on its surface you can still find huge images of geometric shapes and animals, which can only be viewed from a great height. Scientists still do not know exactly who they were painted and what their purpose is. However, there is an assumption that the huge drawings were created by representatives of the Nazca civilization that inhabited these places until the 2nd century AD. Recently, scientists managed to find 143 previously unknown figures.

Image of a bird on the Nazca Plateau

The drawings were first discovered back in 1939the year when the archaeologist Paul Kosok flew over the territory of the Nazca plateau by plane. The study of the images was begun two years later by the German researcher Maria Reiche, who in 1947 managed to photograph the drawings from the height of a military aircraft. It turned out that the drawings on the desert surface reach a length of ten meters. At its core, these images are geoglyphs - curly patterns drawn on the ground that can be found in different corners of our planet. The most famous and largest of them are the Nazca geoglyphs.

Mysterious drawings in the desert

Throughout history, scientists have found about 700geometric shapes and more than 13 thousand lines and stripes. Since researchers do not stop the search, their number continues to increase. For example, in 2018, archaeologists managed to find more than 50 new drawings, and flying drones helped them in this. But Japanese scientists who have been exploring the plains since far 2004 using satellite imagery recently surprised by the discovery of 143 new drawings.

Fish geoglyph

The found geoglyphs depict various animals,among which there are snakes, fish, birds and even monkeys. Scientists divided them into two groups, the first of which included figures of 100-meter length, and the second - less than 50 meters in length. According to scientists, the drawings were made in 100-300 years of our era and were used to communicate with the gods. They also do not deny that the figures could help ancient people navigate the area and study the stars. They talked about their assumptions on their blog.

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The most interesting of the discovered patternsis the image of a huge one-eyed creature with three hare ears. It was discovered thanks to the Watson artificial intelligence from IBM. Scientists armed them to study satellite images and search for previously undetected geoglyphs. Having selected several places with their possible location, they granted the right to search the computer - after some time this very image of a huge monster was found.

Geoglyph in the form of a three-eyed monster

In general, huge geoglyphs are just asamazing, like the Egyptian pyramids. It must have taken people a lot of time to draw drawings, because the process required patience, endurance, and a lot of physical strength. According to scientists, giant figures on the earth were created by digging grooves several tens of centimeters deep. At the same time, the people had to remove stones from the locations of the drawings that could spoil the appearance of the drawings.

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