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The ancestors of the American Indians came from Siberia

Indians are commonly referred to as the indigenous peoples of America.Genetically, they are closest to the peoples of Asia. However, scientists are still arguing which people are their direct ancestor. There are several versions, according to one of them, they migrated from Japan about 15 thousand years ago. As some scientists suggest, they walked along the northern edge of the Pacific Ocean, as a result they were able to reach the northwestern coast of North America. Then they headed south, while partially settling, populating the entire mainland. As a result, in less than 2 thousand years they occupied the lands of South America. The theory, as usual, did not arise from scratch. Scientists have discovered the similarity of the stone tools of the local population of Japan, the Jomon, who lived about 15,000 years ago, with those that were found by archaeologists on the American mainland. However, a group of scientists from the USA, Russia and Spain, this theory was refuted. A genetic study of the teeth showed that the Indians are not descendants of the people who lived on the territory of modern Japan.

Scientists have refuted the version that the Indians are from Japan - their ancestors lived on the territory of modern Russia

Indians are not from Japan

In work carried out by one of the world's leadingspecialists in the study of human teeth, together with experts in genetics, it is said that in order to discover the family ties of Indians with other peoples, genetic analyzes of teeth found on different continents were carried out. Including scientists studied in detail the teeth of the Jomon people. The results of the study were recently published in the journal PaleoAmerica.

As Richard Scott, Prof.whose leadership the study was carried out, they managed to find out that the archaeological theory is not consistent with the biological one. By the way, this is not the first time that archeology led scientists on a “false trail”. Let me remind you that recently I talked about the civilization of the Etruscans. Genetic analysis has shown that, contrary to the opinion of archaeologists, the Etruscans belonged to the indigenous population of Italy and may even have founded Rome.

In his almost 50 years of experience, Richard Scott,professor of anthropology at the University of Nevada in Reno, traveled to many corners of the earth, where he collected information about human teeth, not only ancient, but also modern people. As a result, he published many scientific papers and even published several books on the subject.

It was previously assumed that the Indians are descendants of the Jomon people who inhabited the territory of Japan.

In his latest work, the scientist with hiscolleagues used multivariate statistical methods. For the study, they used a large sample of teeth from residents of North and South America, as well as Asia and the Pacific. In the course of their work, they managed to find out that there is indeed a connection between the Jomon people and Native Americans, but it is very weak. Therefore, the Indians cannot be direct descendants of the ancient Japanese people. Only about seven percent of their tooth samples were similar to those of Nearctic Native Americans, who are considered the first peoples of the Americas.

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The results were reviewed by scientistsgenetic analysis, and it showed the same. Although there is a small connection between peoples, it can only say that they have common roots. This work is combined with other DNA research on ancient people from Asia and the Americas. It showed that these peoples split from a common ancestor much earlier than expected, even before migrating to America.

True, the study does not refute the assumption that the ancient Indians came to America through the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean. It's just that they are not descendants of the Jomon.

Genetic analysis has shown that the indigenous population of America came to the continent from Siberia

The first humans in the Americas appeared before the last ice age.

At the end of September, Science published anotherinteresting article. It reports that archaeologists have discovered traces of ancient people in New Mexico, whose age is 23,000 years. Scientists talk about the discovery as definitive evidence that people lived in North America before the last ice age. True, they still cannot say to whom exactly these traces belong, and whether they are generally connected with the indigenous people of America. However, the paper states that the footprints do not belong to immigrants from Japan.

As Professor Scott says, the Jomon peopleare among the least likely ancestors of all Native Americans. Therefore, the most probable is the theory that the local population of America has its roots in Siberia. This theory is confirmed by the work of a group of international scientists, which was also published in the journal Science. A genetic study has shown that the prehistoric inhabitants of Baikal and the Native Americans are related. Moreover, during the study, scientists were able to find out that the future inhabitants of the American continent left Siberia about 23 thousand years ago. Thus, the “puzzle” finally took shape. I must say that in recent times much has become clear from the origin and life of the Indians. I recently said that the Maya civilization was not destroyed by the explosion of the Ilopango volcano, as previously assumed. For many scientists, this also came as a surprise.