The Amazon home robot is about the size of a child. What is known about him?

Amazon is not particularly famous in Russia, but inAlmost everyone knows about it. Initially, she was engaged in selling books, but today she has become so big and rich that she has already created her own voice assistant, Alexa, and is developing robots to deliver parcels. It is known that in the near future, the company may begin selling a home robot called Vesta. Recently it turned out that it will be the size of a five-year-old child, and independently move around the house using four wheels.

The name of the robot was not given by chance -the developers named it in honor of the ancient Roman goddess Vesta, who is considered the keeper of the hearth. The robot is unlikely to be able to wipe the dust and clean the floors, but it will probably be able to turn on the music and prompt the owners for the recipes of the dishes, and guard the house with the help of the built-in camera.

Best Voice Assistant

All of the above robot will be able to thanksAlexa's built-in voice assistant. It is very popular in the United States - in 2019, the company shared that it is built into over 100 million devices. Unfortunately, the assistant to the American company does not understand the command in Russian, so Alice from Yandex is more popular with us.

As a rule, voice assistants are installedin home speakers, which most of the time are on the table. Having built the assistant inside the mobile robot, the company wants to ensure that it is always located next to the user. Most likely, it will be equipped with a large display, with the help of which people will be able to search for information on the Internet and communicate with relatives via video link.

We hope the robot will not look like an Amazon Echo Spot alarm clock with wheels

Home Assistant will move around the houseindependently, carefully avoiding all obstacles. In this, he, like unmanned vehicles, will be assisted by proximity sensors and various cameras built into the housing.

Large home robot

The robot could go on sale in 2019, butwhile it is still being tested inside the company. It is known that the preliminary versions of the robot created at the moment are so large that they are at the belt level of an adult person. Whether the company will change the size of the robot is still unknown.

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In general, home robots are developingnot only such giants as Amazon, but also small companies. So, a group of craftsmen from Ohbot recently showed the world a robot called Picoh. He is capable of almost everything, including performing dances and singing songs, but his setup is so complex that only experienced programmers can cope with it.

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