The all-terrain drone will conquer both the sky and the earth (4 pics + video)

New unusual drone all-terrain vehicle X-TANKCOPTERcapable of not only flying, but also moving on the ground at high speed. Tracked drive allows him to easily overcome moderate obstacles and off-road, and on even asphalt, he sometimes even drifts.

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The device takes off and sits down automatically, notneed no special action. In all modes of movement, the device can shoot on an HD camera with a viewing angle of 120 °. Video clips are saved on a microSD card.

Included in the X-TANKCOPTER is a regularjoystick to control the device. The same functions can be transferred to the smartphone, and even completely separately. For the owners of new items and provided special VR-glasses, which provide a complete immersion in the control mode from the first person. In the role of the display is used again smartphone. Corporate application for mobile devices optimizes the live image from the camera.

Weight development is 123 grams. One charge is enough for an autonomous flight for about 7 minutes or for movement on the ground for 15–20 minutes. In mixed mode, X-TANKCOPTER will be able to move for 12–15 minutes. It takes 30–45 minutes to charge the built-in battery.

A set of X-TANKCOPTER, VR-glasses and a remote control will cost only $ 99.