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The aging of the body occurs in three stages: at 34, 60 and 78 years

Researchers from Stanford Universityfound that aging is not a continuous process. According to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the physical aging of an organism involves three different turning points, the first of which begins at the age of about 34 years. In the course of the work, scientists analyzed the composition of blood plasma - a cell-free, liquid blood fraction of more than 4,200 people aged 18 to 95 years old and concluded that the level of 373 proteins in the blood can give a clue about human health and show the changes that occur with by age.

It turned out that we are aging sharply in three stages

Proteins of blood plasma - an indicator of the state of the body

Professor of Neurology, Stanford UniversityTony Wiss-Coray said in a press release that scientists have long been aware that measuring certain proteins in the blood can provide information about a person’s health status - for example, the amount of lipoproteins is an indicator of the health of the cardiovascular system. However, before the researchers were not aware that about a third of all proteins in blood plasma noticeably change with age. Now, thanks to the results, scientists can determine the age with an accuracy of three years.

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During the study, experts drewclose attention to the change in the level of proteins in the blood. It turned out that each of us has three driving stages of aging that occur at different ages. Researchers do not exclude that a change in the level of proteins not only characterizes, but also causes the phenomenon of aging. The fact is that proteins are the main workers of the constituent cells of the body. When their relative levels undergo significant changes, this means that the body also changes. Looking at thousands of proteins in blood plasma, researchers were able to get an idea of ​​what changes are occurring throughout the body.

Men and women age differently

Thus, according to the results obtained,physiological aging of the body does not occur gradually and smoothly, but sharply and in stages. These three stages are on average 34, 60 and 78 years old. This is because instead of constantly increasing, decreasing or remaining constant throughout life, the levels of many proteins remain constant for some time, and then sudden up or down shifts occur at one point or another. These shifts tend to unite in three separate moments of a person’s life: youth, late middle age, and old age. Moreover, the researchers found that changes in a significant amount of proteins varied by gender. Thus, scientists believe that men and women still age differently.

Researchers also stated that more women should participate in research.

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Scientists believe that future level analysisprotein in the blood can detect cases of premature aging, helping doctors intervene in the potential development of health problems such as dementia. In addition, the results can help experts develop new ways to slow aging. One way or another, any clinical applications of this method will be beneficial, as well as help to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular diseases.