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The 17-meter skeleton of diplodocus sold at auction for 652 thousand dollars

160 giant dinosaur skeletonmillion years was sold at auction in the English village of Billingshurst, West Sussex, for 400,000 pounds (652 thousand dollars). The skeleton of a female diplodocus, who received the nickname Misty, was found in the United States, assembled in the Netherlands and put up for sale in the UK. He is one of six relatively complete diplodocus skeletons in the world and, according to experts, costs between 400-600 thousand pounds.

According to the British publication The Independent,The 17-meter skeleton of a dinosaur was discovered by the sons of the famous German paleontologist Raimund Albersdorfer during excavations in 2009. So that the children did not interfere with work, he sent them to a nearby playground and offered to look for dinosaur bones. Albersdorfer could not imagine that they would please his father with a rare find.

When the children informed him that they had found huge bones, the main excavations immediately stopped. For the next nine weeks, paleontologists dug up everything that was left of the giant creature.

This is a very rare instance. It’s not enough to find one, you need to try to get it out of the ground, which is not so simple. It is very difficult to disconnect the bones of the skeleton that have grown into stone. And brittle bones do not allow the use of a sledgehammer, ”says Errol Fuller, curator of the Evolution Sale auction.

After the excavation in Wyoming, the remains of a diplodocuswere sent to Rotterdam to the “dinosaur builder” Aart Walen to assemble the skeleton on a special metal frame. Fortunately for Albersdorfer, the find was made on the territory of private property, which allowed paleontologists to freely take it out of the United States.

Misty’s skeleton consists of 100 bones, its safety is 40 percent. The remaining 60 percent were recovered from previously found samples.

There are six diplodocus skeletons in the world. Some of them are in museums in Pittsburgh and Washington, says Fuller.

Diplodocus is one of the largest and most studied dinosaurs that lived on Earth.