The 10th Crew Dragon Parachute Test completed successfully. Manned Mission Becomes More Real

Amid unsuccessful test flight of the shipBoeing CST-100 Starliner, the company's prospects look quite good Elon Mask to seize the leadership in the race to create a manned spacecraft to deliver astronauts into space. SpaceX conducted another, for the tenth consecutive, successful test of the upgraded third version of the Crew Dragon spacecraft parachute system.

After the accident occurred during the tests of the secondversion of the parachute system in May, Musk said that before launching astronauts into space, his company would conduct at least 10 successful tests. SpaceX engineers and developers have fully completed the task of the head of the company.

Earlier in November, SpaceX successfully held in a rowthirteen trials of the parachute system of the third version. The Crew Dragon crew emergency rescue system was also tested successfully. Thus, all conditions are created for the safe operation of rescue systems necessary for emergency evacuation of the crew.

SpaceX engineers are now leftto carry out just one and then optional NASA test of the operation of the automatic rescue system when shooting a rescue capsule. Such testing is not included in the certification program to permit the execution of manned flights, however, SpaceX developers took the initiative and decided to test the CAC in action.

Source: TechCrunch