Testing OnePlus 8 Pro for Strength (video)

OnePlus did not have time to present itsthe updated flagship OnePlus 8 Pro, as enthusiasts began to test, disassemble and break a very promising model that can become a hit of the season. Traditional strength tests were conducted by Zack Nelson, the author of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

Special flaws when testing the smartphone OnePlus 8Pro has not been revealed. The case design with a metal frame and a glass front and back panel protected by Corning Gorilla Glass is quite durable and did not succumb to the blogger's attempts to bend the smartphone. In this test, a slight bending of the case was noticeable, but such deformation did not affect the device’s functionality.

When scratching the surface of the glass, left tracesonly an item with a hardness of 6 points on the Mohs scale. Thus, for the screen, OnePlus 8 Pro does not pose a threat to keys and metal money. Zack Nelson tried to disable, using scratches on the surface, a fingerprint sensor built-in under the screen. However, all the efforts of the blogger were unsuccessful, and the sensor worked fine.

Traditionally passed the screen test by fire fromlighters. After 30 seconds of heating, a yellow spot appeared on the surface, which is not strange for the AMOLED display. However, the smartphone continued to work with such a small defect.