Testing folding Samsung Galaxy Fold strength continues (video)

After not quite a good start to the spreadsmartphone with a flexible screen Galaxy Fold, caused by problems with the reliability of the display, the sale of the device, conducted in some countries, showed very good results.

Enthusiasts immediately began to experience the Galaxy Foldin extreme conditions. EverythingApplePro experts conducted a tough test of the smartphone, in conditions of free fall from various heights: from the level of one meter (user’s pockets), the level of human growth (up to 2 meters) and an extreme drop from a height of 3 meters. Smartphones dropped onto a flat concrete floor.

The tests brought a lot of surprises. It seemed a fragile smartphone, showed results similar to similar tests of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models. Falling from heights to the level of human growth did not lead to the loss of functionality of the Galaxy Fold. However, three meters were fatal for the smartphone - the main screen was disabled. Meanwhile, the external screen continued to work without receiving serious damage.

Falling on level concrete is not idealtest. In real conditions, devices fall on an uneven hard surface, such as asphalt, which increases the likelihood of serious damage. However, the results of a fall from small heights inspire hope that the user will not irrevocably lose his expensive Galaxy Fold.