Tested pair flight of the Russian drone “Okhotnik” and Su-57 fighter

The introduction of unmanned flying objects inthe defense complex is moving to a new level. Passed tests of the Russian drone “Okhotnik” in pair flight with a Su-57 fighter showed the new capabilities of the drone, which replaced the pilot's partner.

Pair flight of the 5th generation fighter and dronelasted about half an hour and, according to an avaricious statement by the military, was carried out automatically with access to the duty zone. The main purpose of the tests was to test the capabilities of the leading leader aircraft with an unmanned partner.

Drone "Hunter" acted as an assistant,expanding the coverage of the control zone of the leader aircraft to detect enemy targets at a long distance. Such a pair flight will help to relieve the aircraft of the need to enter the enemy air defense zone and increase the safety of the pilot, providing an increase in the radius of airspace control.

Feature of the "Hunter" is the designusing the concept of a "flying wing", which in combination with the use of special masking materials and small sizes, makes the device difficult to detect by enemy radars.

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Hunter"It belongs to the class of heavy drones and becomes the first device in the class of shock drones adopted by the Russian Air Force. The first flight "Hunter" made on August 3 and was carried out under the control of an operator located at the airport. The test flight lasted 20 minutes at an altitude of 600 meters.