Test tube cutlet: Burger King began selling poppers with synthetic meat

In the American fast foods Burger King nowYou can find a version of the flagship "meatless" popper: with a vegetable-based patty that looks and tastes identical to real beef. Starting today, the Impossible Whopper can be found in 59 locations in St. Louis, but The New York Times notes that Burger King plans to begin selling this hamburger in all its eateries - which is 7,200 locations in the United States. If they accept him, of course. Who knows, maybe one day this popper with “meat from a test tube” will appear in Russian institutions.

Test tube hamburgers are gaining momentum

Despite the fact that “Impossible svapper”contains 15 percent less fat and 90 percent less cholesterol than regular popper, Burger King marketing director Fernando Machado says that neither customers nor employees will notice the difference. A meatless hamburger will cost about one dollar (63 rubles) more expensive than the beef version. However, it will still be accompanied by a sauce based on mayonnaise, so vegans are unlikely to fit.

Cutlet without meat, which is used inImpossible Foods produces Impossible Food. The same hamburger is already on sale at White Castle. For its preparation, the usual recipe is used, which is used to create other hamburgers: the vegetable base uses heme derived from soybean roots - only the cutlet is shaped, characteristic of all Burger King cutlets.

Impossible Foods has created its own patty“From a test tube” in an attempt to reduce the world’s dependence on animal husbandry and reduce the number of victims in cattle numbers. Also “Impossible Hamburger” helps to avoid health problems and ethics associated with eating meat, also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps in the future we will completely get rid of the need to slaughter billions of carcasses annually, switching to identical vegetable analogues of "meat".

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