Test tests of the original method of stealing passwords from a smartphone

One of the main tasks of modern hackersis hacking and stealing smartphone user account. You can steal passwords for smartphone users with phishing. Often, hackers seize control of a smartphone’s camera and directly record all user actions. Recently, however, other more original ways of selecting passwords using spyware have spread.

The method of stealing a password using a microphonetested by scientists from the University of Cambridge. This method of password selection is based on the original methodology, which uses a microphone and a special application. The software calculates the sound from the microphone to the point on the screen, which the user presses. Then comes the decoding and password selection.

The experimenters under laboratory conditions have achievedrelatively good result. 31 out of 50 pin-codes were “decoded”, and no more than 10 attempts were allocated to the selection of each one. A greater number of characters will significantly increase the reliability of passwords from such a hacking method, but will not protect them by 100%. Experts advised users to install only well-known applications from official sources on their smartphones.

Source: ubergizmo