Test races were held on flying Airspeeder Mk3 cars (2 photos + video)

Australian company Alauda Aeronautics,specializing in the development of a flying electric vehicle with vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) for participation in high-speed races, presented a demo video of test races of two unmanned Airspeeder Mk3 multicopters. The company has been working on the creation of the first eVTOL electric vehicles for three years. The eVTOL Airspeeder Racing League was recently announced and is based at the Alauda Aeronautics headquarters in Adelaide, Australia.

Head of Alauda Aeronautics Matt Pearsonnoted that the pilot test of the Airspeeder Mk3 unmanned vehicles demonstrates the possibilities of a future new class of road transport. The upcoming eVTOL electric car races in the near future will not only create a new sport, but will also contribute to the further development of electric transport.

The first official races of the eVTOL Airspeeder leaguewill be held in the next two years. At the first stage, it will be unmanned competitions, and the drivers will be in ground cabins, driving the car using virtual reality technologies.

The next stages will include a series of flightsAirspeeder EXA Series, which will be attended by four teams from different countries. Three stages of the international competition are planned to be held in unmanned mode with remote control of eVTOL electric vehicles.

Full-fledged international competitions in which10 companies will take part, will be held only in 2023. These races involve eVTOL electric vehicles with a crew. The eVTOL Airspeeder league, according to the organizers, will help to transfer urban transport to a new technological level, and will also help to ensure prompt transportation in emergency situations, while ensuring zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.