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Tesla's updated Cybertruck will receive 4 engines and "crab mode"

Tesla has updated the specification of the baseelectric pickup Cybertruck, equipping the car with 4 engines with power transmission to each wheel, as well as changing the control system, adding a "crab mode", like the electric pickup Hummer EV.

During the first presentation of the pickup in 2019the basic version of the Cybertruck was presented with three electric motors and an autonomous range of up to 500 miles (804 km). Since then, the specification has remained unchanged. However, the rapid development of this market segment and the emergence of competitors, such as the Rivian R1T, Hummer EV and others, forced Elon Musk to make adjustments to the production program.

It is noteworthy that General Motors with its HummerEV is significantly ahead of Tesla and plans to introduce a production Hummer EV before the end of this year. Like the Rivian R1T, the Hummer EV is powered by four engines. Thus, the leader of the electric car industry, Tesla, was for the first time in a situation where it was forced to respond to market demands and adapt to competitors.

In addition to four engines, an updated versionthe entry-level Cybertruck will have individual wheel steering, allowing the pickup to move diagonally in "crab mode" and tank turn in place.

Earlier, back in April 2021, the GMC prototypeA Hummer EV, changing lanes using "crab mode", was seen in traffic in Moab, Utah, where it was taken for testing on the Poison Spider trail. Rivian also consistently claims the benefits of the "Tank Turn" mode in the Rivian R1T pickup.

Source: electrek