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Tesla's new development will make electric cars almost eternal

We all know and love Tesla. Sometimes she upsets us with her news, but much more often pleases with interesting developments, new technologies and an outstanding design. Since the company is engaged in the development and sale of electric vehicles, the main components for them are engines and batteries. With the former, everything is more or less good and they have already reached a sufficiently high efficiency. The situation with batteries is slightly worse, if such a word is applicable to batteries that provide 500-700 kilometers. And their resource is comparable with internal combustion engines (several hundred thousand kilometers). But now it is Tesla, as the locomotive of the electric car market, that offers new technologies that will provide batteries with a resource of more than one and a half million kilometers.

For a dozen years, Tesla has been able to do more than automakers in several decades.

How many kilometers does Tesla travel on a single charge

If the only thing that keeps you from buying a Tesla is that it has low mileage on a single charge, can go shopping. Some cars of this brand drive onone charge up to seven hundred kilometers or more. It is clear that this is in ideal conditions, but under the same conditions, the range of cars with ICE is not much different from this indicator. True, the advantage of traditional cars is that they can just call in at the gas station and leave in 5-7 minutes with the same power reserve. An electric car, even on fast charging, is replenished with energy many times longer.

As for battery life, itis 1,500 charge-discharge cycles, which in terms of mileage for different models fits into the range of 500-800 thousand kilometers. That is, the safety margin of a conventional passenger car is about the same as that of a freight tractor, which travels on roads for days.

This man drove a million kilometers on the 2013 Tesla Model S and now has swung a million miles (1.6 million kilometers).

There is even an example when Hansjorg Gemmingen drove 600 kilometers a day and at the end of last year "reeled" in Germanthe roads are a million kilometers away. At the same time, he changed the batteries twice, but Tesla took into account the shortcomings of the first versions and, apparently, corrected something in the design, since the last battery has been serving it for almost half a million kilometers and until the time has come to change it, there are noticeable signs of degradation she does not have.

Tesla is a millionaire.

Tesla battery for electric vehicles

Against the backdrop of such numbers, it seems where else to improvebatteries, but it turns out there is where, and the company swung to the bar 1 million miles. In terms of kilometers, the figure will be even more fantastic and will amount to 1.6 million kilometers.

Do you know the differences between the Tesla Model Y and Model 3?

The transition to new technologies will be associated with newthe manufacturing process of battery components. The fact is that in the manufacture of electrodes for batteries, materials undergo many treatments, including thermal. When heated, lithium-added cells become contaminated with lithium substrate. As a result, this leads to a decrease in a potentially much higher resource. It is possible to reduce the amount of lithium in the reaction and the battery will become more reliable, but its operational characteristics (capacity and ability to give energy) will decrease. Nobody wants this either, so the company has undertaken relevant research.

At this plant, new batteries will be installed on cars.

Last year, engineers found a way to make Tesla twice as good.

If you do not complicate everything with technical terms, sintering of electrodes takes place in two stages. Sintering occurs first at temperature800-950 degrees Celsius, and then additional processing is carried out with other elements (among which lithium is again used), but already at a temperature of 650-760 degrees Celsius. Of course, no one will tell you anything more detailed, since this is a trade secret. Even sintering time is described only in the range of 1-24 hours. Like, you want, think for yourself how you handle your batteries.

In addition to increasing the resource, mileage on one chargeshould also increase. Its value will approach 1000 kilometers. Charging time, on the contrary, will decrease. As a result, the new battery will have some advantages.

It is worth noting that the development comes down only tonew electrodes, but not to batteries in general. But it is precisely the use of new electrodes that can reduce the level of battery degradation and increase its life by almost three times - up to 4000 charge-discharge. As a result, the total mileage on one battery will even exceed one million miles and, in fact, the power source will become eternal. You can even give him a lifetime guarantee. Few will travel so much in one car.

Of course, Tesla filed the appropriate patent entitled "Method for the synthesis of nickel-cobalt-aluminum electrodes". This is quite logical, because a fundamentally new way of producing batteries has been developed, which can become the gold standard for many years to come.

Over the development of a new type of electrode jointlyJeff Dan of Dalhousie University worked with Tesla. He has already collaborated with the company on upgrading previous generations of batteries. This time, he also joined in the development of electrolyte for new batteries.

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How much are Tesla shares

No matter how much Tesla shares are worth now (approximately770 dollars), if the company only announces the launch of a new type of battery, the price can jump very seriously. So far it is only about development and patent. It is not known when all this will reach the industrial assembly. But when that happens, the situation will change dramatically.

Perhaps this will happen today at an event at which the company will announce its financial results, but you should not really hope for it. Starting production is a long process.. On the other hand, we do not know what stage the company is at. Perhaps she has already prepared everything and can start production in the coming months.

The event will be held at 15:30 Pacific time (2:30 Moscow time). More information can be found at this link.

I would not be in a hurry to call it a revolution inproduction of electric vehicles. Even in battery manufacturing, this is not a revolution. Rather, it is an evolutionary leap. But he still deserves great attention and respect for the actions of the company. If everything is as she tells, then she is really well done.

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