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Tesla's electric ships will be able to transport up to 280 containers

Daily vehicles pollute the airexhaust gases that harm not only nature but also human health. According to Rosprirodnadzor, in 2017 the volume of carbon dioxide emissions from cars alone amounted to more than 14.5 million tons. To reduce this figure, many countries want to abandon vehicles with internal combustion engines and switch to electric counterparts. It is noteworthy that new engines must be installed not only on cars, but also on airplanes and even on cargo ships. In 2018, the construction of two Tesla electric “ships” began in Holland.

So, apparently, the "Tesla ships" will look

No, these ships have nothing to do with Ilon.Mask and his Tesla electric cars. The Dutch company Port-Liner took up the development of electric ships for the transport of heavy goods. It cannot boast of a rich history, as it was founded only in the recent 2015. However, the ideas of its founders are very laudable - they intend to produce ships with zero emissions. Since the electric motor takes up less space than everyone else, there will be more space left for the load.

The front of the Port-Liner will be folded so that it can sail under bridges

Thanks to battery power that does nottakes up a lot of space, Port-Liner ships in theory can hold about 280 containers with cargo. Thus, the 6 electric barges put into operation can replace 23,000 trucks that daily poison the air with exhaust gases. So, at least, it says in the material of the publication Electrek.

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Also, company representatives at one timeThey talked about developing a technology that would make almost any ship electric. For their charging, it was proposed to use the station of the company Eneco, which supplies energy from renewable sources such as solar panels and windmills. That is, both the ships themselves and the energy that feeds them, according to company representatives, should not harm either nature or people.

It is worth noting that ships pollutethe environment is not only harmful gases, but also plastic waste. Recently, thousands of plastic bottles have been discovered off the coast of Inaxessible in the North Atlantic. They were manually flattened, so environmentalists immediately realized that the garbage was thrown out by the crew of many ships. You can read more about this discovery in our special material.