Tesla will release Model Pi smartphone with support for Starlink and MarsCoin cryptocurrency (5 photos)

Insiders do not get tired of speculating on the news aboutthe most famous and popular brands. This is not the first time that "sensational" news about Tesla's plans to release its own smartphone with characteristics capable of revolutionizing the market of mobile gadgets has hit the Internet. In the recently published renderings of the "future" smartphone Tesla Model Pi, in addition to the real characteristics, functions are indicated that, if they can appear in a smartphone, then only in the distant future.

Tesla Model Pi render shows what's in the smartphone"From Mask" will use the design of the iPhone 12, with its flat side edges. It is assumed that the front camera will be located under the screen, and the main camera will receive four sensors. It will also use the technology of photochromic coating of the body, which allows you to change color depending on the environment.

Not surprisingly, in the technical specificationsmentions the use of SpaceX's Starlink internet. However, the possibility of mining the MarsCoin cryptocurrency is already raising a smile, since the existing coin with this name has nothing to do with Musk. The name MarsCoin originated in February in a joking Twitter conversation between Tesla CEO and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Even more futuristic is the use insmartphone Tesla Model Pi technology from another company Musk Neuralink, working on the creation of brain implants. A recent demonstration on three pigs shows that the technology is at an early stage of development and cannot be implemented in such a massive and compact device as a smartphone.

Source: mydrivers