Tesla used car buyers can find out the personal data of the former owners

Tesla cars are equipped with a large number ofall sorts of sensors and collect a lot of personal information about the owners. For example, the vehicle's system can store data about the owner’s travels, his calls, task lists in the calendar, and more. CNBC News published a report on how computer security researchers were able to detect a lot of personal data in overbought Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X cars. As a rule, confidential information is saved by the owners themselves, but the manufacturer’s fault is also .

About the exposure of personal data has become knownafter the group of “white hackers” was able to pull information about its former owner from the Tesla Model 3 car purchased from hands. The data remaining in the system made it clear to them that the car belonged to a construction company, and several employees used it at once. This was hinted at by synchronization with at least seventeen different devices, which gave the car 11 lists with phone numbers, email addresses, calendar entries and 73 recent routes laid out by the navigation system.

Considering how technically sophisticated Tesla cars are, I am very surprised that they are so careless about the personal data of users.

Ashkan Soltani, computer security expert

When selling their car owners canerase personal data by performing a reset to factory settings. However, many people simply do not care about it, or cannot perform the cleaning due to the display inside the car that is not working after the accident. According to Ashkan Soltani, such manufacturers as Tesla are obliged to take care of the security of personal data of users on their own, and not to shift responsibility.

It turns out that car owners have to go.realize that cars collect as much information as smartphones do. As a rule, when selling a mobile device, each person carefully deletes all personal information from him - perhaps it’s time for people to do the same with cars?

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