Tesla update will allow electric car to “see” signs and react to traffic lights

Tesla vehicles will now be able to recognize signsspeed limits with their simultaneous presentation on the driver's visualization. In addition, the latest software update introduces the Traffic Light Tracking feature. At the moment when the traffic light switches to green for a car, a sound signal is emitted, informing the driver that it is possible to start driving.

One of the advantages of electric vehicles isthe ability to quickly receive software updates over the air. New features added in the latest update to the Autopilot system, numbered 2020.36, are designed to further enhance travel safety and assist the driver in driving.

Speed ​​limit signs are being recognizedusing external Tesla cameras. Previously, it was believed that Autopilot tracked road signs using GPS data. The company says that detection of speed limit signs using onboard cameras will significantly improve the accuracy of the data required for Tesla's speed limit. The received data will be displayed in real time in the "motion visualization".

In the 2020 update.36 also introduces the Green Traffic Light Chime function, which provides the driver with an additional warning system when the traffic light switches to green. At the same time, Tesla developers note that the sound signal when switching to the green light of the traffic light is intended only for notification, and the final decision on starting the movement remains with the driver.

Traffic sign and signal recognition functiontraffic lights has been beta tested since April this year and is part of the program to create a fully self-driving car. One of the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control features is already available for electric vehicles with the Full Self-Drive package, which starts at $ 7,000. If a STOP sign or a red traffic light is detected on the road, the electric car stops smoothly and can then start moving only after the driver's intervention.

Source: theverge