Tesla solar panels caused a fire in the house

Promoting the use of solar energy forElectricity generation is one of Tesla's best-known activities for its electric cars. The production of solar panels for private households, shops and office buildings by Tesla has been developing for several years and as any innovative technology is faced with technical problems. In this case, it is overheating and spontaneous combustion of the panels.

Tesla is currently leadinghearing several such fires. One of them happened with the panels installed on the roof of the house of Briana Greer from Colorado. The hostess was not at home and the neighbors dealt with the fire before the arrival of special services. In turn, Greer said that the day before the fire, she received a call from Tesla and was informed that unusual voltage fluctuations were noticed in the system.

The repair team had to inspectpanels on Greer's house in a week. However, the very next day they caught fire. Such problems have occurred before. After a lawsuit against Walmart's Tesla over a panel fire in 7 stores, a problem was discovered with Amphenol connectors in the solar system and a secret Project Titan program was launched to replace substandard parts.

However, Tesla solar panel firesoccurs extremely rarely, and the control service recommends that all consumers immediately disconnect the batteries after voltage fluctuations. However, in this case, the problem of paying bills arises and many Americans, at their own peril and risk, continue to operate the panels.

Source: businessinsider