Tesla solar panels can be rented for $ 50 a month. But not everything is so smooth

Tesla, the company of the famous Elon Mask, “drowns”for the early spread of solar power cells, probably stronger than everyone else. The fact is that a couple of years ago Tesla tried to launch a service for renting solar panels to power houses. Then, for a number of reasons (primarily because of the disadvantage), the program had to be curtailed. But now the company is returning to the market with a very “tasty” offer: for only $ 50 per month, you can rent Tesla solar panels. But there is, as they say, one caveat.

How does a solar rental program work?

Everything looks pretty attractive. For the arrangement of residential buildings, Tesla has a special tariff grid (about which a little lower). After ordering, the client receives absolutely free of charge a set of solar panels and all the equipment necessary for connecting to the house’s power grid, installation services for this equipment and round-the-clock technical support. Also, in the event of malfunctions that did not occur at the user's fault, Tesla engineers will replace and repair the required parts free of charge.

At the moment, switch to "clean energy"Can residents of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Mexico. The cost of renting solar panels starts at $ 50 per month (depending on the size of the panels themselves). The small set is designed for 3.8 kW, and the other two - medium and large - for 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW, respectively. The company of Ilona Mask even kindly calculated the benefits of installing solar panels in each state.

From left to right: staff, monthly fee, electricity generation per year (for what amount of electricity you will receive under the current tariff grid) and estimated benefits

What's the catch?

Firstly, it’s extremely strange that the Tesla website doesn’tthe rental cost of medium and large sets is mentioned, and when you try to order, the site gives the full cost of the equipment. But if you start from it, then renting a medium and large sets will cost about $ 100 and $ 150, respectively (but this is only our guess). What do you think about such prices? Speak out in our Telegram chat.

This is interesting: Solar panels will be able to generate electricity using snow.

Secondly, if you decide to end yourcooperation with Tesla and want the solar panels and equipment to be removed, you will have to pay Tesla $ 1,500 for dismantling the equipment. Moreover, the company does not indicate what will happen if you decide to keep the solar panels for yourself. Some experts suggest that in this situation you will have to buy equipment. And its cost, by the way, starts at 7,000 US dollars (not including taxes). So the installation of solar panels may not be as profitable as it seems at first glance.