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Tesla proved that her cars do not get into accidents more often than others

Tesla has long been unhappy thatnews about accidents involving her cars immediately spread across the world media and spoil the reputation of the company. To prove that Tesla electric cars are involved in accidents no less than other vehicles, the company promised to publish quarterly reports on accidents. The first report has already been released - it was published on October 4 on the company's official website.

How was the data collected? At the very beginning, the company announced that customer safety was its top priority. In order to create reliable cars, she not only conducts internal tests, but also analyzes the data on accidents that have occurred. The fact is that when selling cars, the company creates direct relations with their owners and can quickly request important information from them.

Other manufacturers who use networksfranchised dealers, this is not possible. They don’t even know that their car brand had an accident. If they need data on a traffic incident, it can take months or even years to get it through a court.

In early 2018, when the company announcedintention to publish reports, she began to collect telemetry data about failures in all cars sold. This data helped to create a security report.

What is said in the report?

So, from July to September 2018, carsTesla with autopilot turned on got into trouble every 5,375,208 km of the distance traveled. With autopilot turned off, accidents occurred more often - every 3,122,127 km. In comparison, NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data show that car crashes in the USA occur every 791,797 km, that is, much more often.

Given that accidents canvary in severity and circumstances, the company wants to personally meet with the owners of the emergency vehicles. In her opinion, this will help to find out the weaknesses of cars and improve the security system based on customer feedback.

In general, the Tesla report turned out to be very short -I want to see more data about incidents. The company promises to collect more complete pictures of incidents, so it is likely that in future quarters the reports will become more detailed.

The company had previously published reports, but only on certain incidents. For example, in April, details of a fatal Tesla Model X accident were revealed on the company's website.

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