Tesla promises that the first Tesla Semi truck will arrive to the customer on December 1

Introduced five years ago, the main electric truck Tesla Semi moved from the category of statements

into a real product.Tesla says the first Tesla Semi truck will go to customer Pepsi on December 1st. Tesla claims that the new tractor will not be inferior to its diesel competitors, but will surpass them in many ways. So, on a single charge, the car will be able to drive up to 800 kilometers, while it will accelerate to “hundreds” in just 5 seconds. The characteristic streamlined shape of the cab makes it possible to achieve a record aerodynamic drag coefficient for this class of vehicles - only 0.36 cd., which is two times lower compared to diesel competitors. It is stated that 30 minutes of charging will be enough to drive 650 kilometers. 30 minutes is a legally mandated rest time for truck drivers in the US. Tesla says the powertrain will have a lifespan of 1.6 million kilometers.